Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Giraffe! Seriously?

Beautiful day today, visited Ikea first in Cardiff, wonderful breakfast, less than £3.00 for a full English!  Including coffee! Not bad at all!  A good rekky around the store, chose a few items we want, no purchases today, but notes taken and plans made...

We then went to Barry Island, I know!  28 years it took me to get there again, then twice this year already! Who'd have guessed eh!

After walk along the small peninsula, coffee and pastry, we made our way up to 'Pleasure Park'... sort of open but nothing really moving as such, although it is school time I guess, we went into an arcade and swapped a pound for 2p pieces and played the 2 penny drop machines!  Franco won a whole bunch of ticket things, I went to the office to exchange and a guy told me to come back when I had just a few more... I felt about 5 years old!!!  So, I did anyway, after swapping yet another pound for 2p pieces [last of the big spenders eh!!]  And I got a bag of sweeties and a small jelly tub thing, I think he felt sorry for me... I asked if I had enough wining tickets for a minion.. but alas no, I only had 58 and 2000 were needed, so I think that's why he threw in the jelly pot!  It could have at least been alcoholic! lol

This jolly giraffe and 'his keeper' were hanging about as school bus-fulls of niblets went on their way back to their schools!

The poor guy in the giraffe outfit must have been roasting!  stilts on both legs and arms to enable him to walk so high, his little face peering through a piece of gauze half way up the neck!!

The county of Somerset beyond over the Bristol Channel... it was only a couple of weeks ago I was in Weston Super Mare looking over here...


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