Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bouquet for you all...
A gray and dismal day here today in mid Wales... The mouse man cometh later! Sounds ominous doesn't it! He better be humane is all I am saying!  I will have great pleasure in letting out little live mice into the garden, but refuse to empty any sort of archaic trap!

I forgot to tell you yesterday, when I... or did I?? LOL don't think so... Sorry, I am distracted by strange rumblings coming from outside, not sure what it is!  Sort of like thunder, but not... sounds slightly more man made!  It is raining, so could be thunder!  But then I did hear gun shot last night!  Just gone half past ten at night!  A huge blast from nearby, all the wildlife went very quiet, for a good five minutes, owls stopped hooting, sheep stopped bleating and cows stopped... mooing!!

Goodness knows who shot what, and why so late, in the dark??

So yesterday morning! When I returned to the porch with the empty bird feeders a robin was inside the room!  Poor little jumped, as did I, so I got out quick and he followed after a few hit and misses on windows!!  Cheeky little thing, bet he his eyes came out of stalks when he saw the open dustbin full to overflowing with birdy peanuts!  Just waiting for him to eat!!  He would never have got out of there alive!!  

Blurry photograph above, but I quite liked it, so pasting here anyway!

My Tesco is also delivering later, bringing me my chocolate fix, as well as all the weeks groceries of course! Still have this face pain thing, actually found a web site about it, and a small paragraph reads....

Atypical odontalgia is not caused by problems with the teeth or gums. Dental treatment or tooth removal will not stop the pain. As with many types of face pain, it is the pain signal mechanism that has become faulty.

Sounds like my Fibromyalgia doesn't it!


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