Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January 2007

well here we are in 2007.... sounds a very good number to me, 7 being my lucky number, along with several other million people i know! and lucky we are already! firstly new years day as i made the bed i noticed franco had used the wall socket we plug our bed into (to heat the water!!!) for the de humidifier! so when he did that on the 31st the water started cooling, and then later we went to bed as it continued to cool! apparently you can die from hypothermia on a water bed thats not on! it takes the heat from your body into the water or something... not sure exactly, and its probably an urban legend or something or no doubt eh!?

and then secondly after dinner later in the day as i finished washing up i came across a staple in the sink! again??? where had it come from? nothing i had cooked had been in anything with staples in, even our papers dont have them... hadnt opened anything during the day in a package... so where did that come from eh!

today, we went to marbella just for a wander around and coffee, i washed the car in coín on the way down, franco always uses the hose thing and always looked very easy! hah! i put in the coin pulled the long 2 foot metal nozzle thing out of its halster and pulled the trigger and POW i went backwards with the force of the water! now that is something that should have been caught on film eh!

out of the car park we saw the cudeca store and went in on the way back out, i heard a familiar voice at the back of the shop, kate, from head office, (originally from sacramento, california!) so i went and said 'hi', she introduced me to the lady who founded cudeca, so that was a really nice surprise.

we also went into miramar back near fuengirola on the way home to collect some paperwork to do with the freeview box that came with the tv, and some food shopping.

yesterday we went into fuengirola town, we had a real good look around and coffee etc, we got a strap for pippa for the back seat, dogs in spain by law now have to be harnessed into the car, i wasnt sure what it could be like, and it turns out to be very simple... of course... just a strap that hooks into her collar and the other end has the same metal thingy that goes into the seat belt conecter down on the seat as if it were just a seat belt clicking in! not rocket science at all!

must remember to buy the 'ek niño' lotteria tomorrow, we won our money back 20€ on the christmas one, and you have to be in it to win it!

seen the new paulo coelho book out here, `the witch of portobello' but its not in english yet! might take me a while to translate into english from spanish, so i guess its either learn more spanish or wait!

and todays quote as usual follow through with what i have just said in a way... to learn more español!

When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you realize your desire.



forget me not said...

What a post, Marian, you had me lauging out loud! Now, let's get to my comment. First of all, as Honora says, "heavens to Murgatroyd!!" I really hope you don't die from hypothermia from the water bed! You should be more careful!
Second, there must be a staple gremlin in your house. Call an exterminator!
Third, I can just see you with that nozzle thing in your hand, lol.
4th, Americans are practically everywhere, aren't they.. :-)
5th, so you plug pippa in too, eh? Just don't plug her into the socket for the water bed!
6th, we have a big lottery here on the 6th, but I hardly ever play. Hmmm, maybe I'll try this time...
And last but not least, I don't know if the book is out in Italian, but I do know Paulo wrote about his book being online through some kind of copycat site like emule. He took it well, really.
No, this is the last part of my message: again, happy 2007!

Marian said...

FMN... doesnt look like the book is in italian yet either... what will happen first? my spanish improve or the translation? ummm think i know the answer! lol