Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ladies who lunch!

today we are off for lunch again, i think its the same 20 or 21 'ladies'!! so i am off out later today, always seems strange to me being in in the morning, i am such an early bird out early and all that.

last night when franco got home we went over to la trocha, did a bit of christmas shopping, we just went to have a wander around really, but came home with some pressies which was good, as i am off to england in less than two weeks now!

saturday though, i think i just went down town as usual, bit of a chat with friends and home, sunday only took pippa for a walk and relaxed the day, except for the bit when pippa got out! a thing i thought would be impossible considering our garden as such is the roof terrace and that is two flights of stairs up, with a small bit of the mountain behind us and houses either side.... but she did! i thought she had been gone to long up on the roof, and that she must be up to no good, and i went up to find out, but she wasnt there, i searched the house and the cave, and back up top! then i saw her, she had jumped onto the wall 3 nearly 4 foot high and was walking about on next doors roof, its a slight pitch tile roof, bit slippy with the weeds growing on it, and of course a big drop down to the street! when she saw me and saw my face! she ran the other way, looked over the next door but ones wall, they have a terrace like ours, but instead she walked to the edge and onto a little over hang they have like we do, only theirs is two tiles deep and she started along there! i could see her falling in my mind, so walked away.... pretended to go back down stairs, anyway, i came back and gently called her over and she came head and eyes downc cast... i grabbed her up by her harness she still had on and then told her off!

and would you belive when i was hanging out the washing an hour or so later, she jumped onto the wall as i watched and i had to get her all over again!

it looks terrible up there now, with what looks like a barracaded wall! chairs leaning, bit of an old fence, brooms! just stuff to keep her away!

we will have to put a little fence on top of the wall now! i think she thinks she is a mountain goat! she jumps so high, when franco comes home she jumps up and down like a kangaroo reaching his face!

yesterday work was good, did a good trade day, and we had a meeting first thing, that none of us realised was on, and only one lady out of all the other 5 days turned up to it, so it wasnt just us, although of course we four would have had to be there as it was 'our' day afterall!

the meeting was a short photo film of the hospice that our shops keep running, the cancer care hospice down at arroyo de miel, down at the coast, it was good to actually see what goes on, and where all the money goes, and how many people it helps, 80% spanish patients, and the rest devided up among other nationalities.

we just wish the local people of alhuarìn realised what the shop was for, most dont know its to keep a hospice running to look after people just like them, a place to go for the terminally ill, and their families. it seems that they think its run by the english for the english, and it just isnt so.

The Good Fight is the one that we fight
in the name of our dreams...


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