Thursday, July 05, 2007

sorry been away a while, not really away just busy out and about with tony here on his hols, he has gone home now, and i have the usual feeling of bereftment...

here are a few photos from his holiday, this one above was taken from a chinese junk, it has been at the marina since 1973 apparently, but this is the first time i have been on it, infact all the years before we moved out here, and on the holidays before, never been on any of the tourist boat trips, apart from going to the island of tabarca up in alicante province.

the trip was an hour long and we almost reached the airport at malaga! by car from the marina that would have been about 10 minutes i guess, so half hour wasnt bad i guess... the weather was calm and they put up the sail, there were only two other familys on board all spanish, so it was a nice trip and not over crowded... when we came back there were alot of people waiting to board the next trip!

this picture was taken in olvera, a town on a mountian half hour or more from ronda, never been here before, tony and i were out for the day on the friday, we sort of went in the same direction as we had the sunday before in search of franco's cave houses.... we did find some in a town by the name of sentida de las bodegas, but it was market day and no chance of stopping and parking anywhere, so on we drove up to the above town, the heat by the time we got there was very hot, the photo looks hot dont you think!

we had the cheapest sodas ever, anywhere... a euro for a can of coke! amazing, especially after the 8€ for two cokes that franco and tony had paid the saturday before at the market at the feria ground in fuengirola...

the streets in olvera are the steapest i have ever seen, the gradient is unbeliveable... other photos may show it better, i will post later...

we made it up to the church at the height on the town, but couldnt make the trip into the castle there in the photo, maybe next time eh! this place really is on top of the world!

everyone was so friendly, all said hello, well hola to us as we passed and they said it first! very welcoming...

and here we have the main shopping street in malaga, fantastic idea of covering the streets in this heat, it made a huge difference, just that little bit of shade as you walked along.

tony had a day off driving, he did about 1300 kilometers in the two weeks he was here. so malaga we went to by bus last saturday.

hours trip to the bus station and a ten minute walk into the city, had a few cold drinks along the way, and looked around the larios centre, a big shopping mal, near the bus station, then back to the bus station and home!

today is about 38c but yesterday it was 45c.... and it was till 45c on the roof at this time last night, eight o'clock.

today i dismantled two book cases i brought over here from england that i had built there... they are surplus to requirements now.... and yes as usual i had grown attached to them, why am i like this with 'things'? no really... why...

please check out the link i have added on the right for alhaurìn el grande, its the site from which i linked the dia de jesus last month... and he is a friend and asked me to add his site to mine... para te amigo, no problemo... yes i know i know my spanish really isnt getting any better is it!

hey.... i had a strange phone call, the day tony and i were at the marina in benalmadina, from someone i had applied to for a job, ages ago, last year sometime, i said i believed i had a job, the golf one, and he said ok and that was that! but i havent actually heard from him yet, so maybe they wont be taking it on at alhaurín golf after all, so maybe i should have said tell me more about the job, shouldnt i! tony said i should, and i realised this, but suddenly out of the blue and out for day somewhere i was knocked off guard!

We must make the most of the times when luck
is on our side and do everything to help it,
just as it is helping us.


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