Saturday, June 28, 2008

cant believe another week gone already, time seems to go so slow while i am standing there, the afternoons more than the mornings, but then i am driving home and now, again, its Saturday, today we had our car broken into in la cañada.... not badly, but they got in through the drivers door and had a look in the boot, but, oh so sorry we had nothing in there to pinch!

OK blog notes... have a little note book with me from now on to.. well make notes!

so bit distorted but here goes... it was San Juan on the 24th and the evening before is when it all starts at midnight with fires on the beaches and lots to drink and eat on bar-b-ques there on the sand, and as i drove off from c/playa along the beach road there were already lots of people about, playing games on the sand and having fun, the roads were packed with people driving down to the coast and the police were out in full force (!) directing the heavy traffic, and then at midnight, when i was fast asleep its when you run into the sea and have your dreams come true....

the following morning driving back the coastal road they were still parting, well the hardened the young people mainly i think! still playing ball, tents up and looking a bit worse for wear, and the rubbish! everywhere the beach was covered with plastic bags and bottles, what a mess!

couple of more new cigarettes for sale this week, promotions only maybe i am not sure, because in these days of trying not to promote smoking as fashionable thing we now have here D&G and CK cigarettes! nice packaging and all that, but who needs Calvin Klein smokes or Dolce & Gabbana!?!

i keep getting pruny fingers... do you know what i mean, like when you have been too long in the bath... i wonder if its the air con in this estanco? in the mornings its not too hot yet outside and the air con is very cool, people coming in saying how nice it is and my fingers are turning blue and wrinkly!! nice eh!

when Russia were playing Spain this week the other two girls in the shop came in in the afternoon both wearing their Spanish tops! and me, still with my black Lambert & Butler shirt on! so one of them made a nice little sign to stick on the front saying 'España' or course! and we won! three goals right at the end, well almost, and as my mom said just as her phone credit ran out calling me the day after, the goals went in boom boom boom! and i was left laughing to my self on my beach bed and the line went dead! mom uses a card to phone my mobile here during the afternoons while i am having my siesta, as its too late when i get home....

i am still having great fun on the roads to and from work... still marvelling at the lack of indicating general couldn't care less approach to driving here... you don't see much road rage from Spanish people, who know others are doing as they do, so what can they say! you have to be waiting along time behind someone having a chat with someone on the path before someone beeps here! and double parking out side the estanco's... only the Brits shout and scream, because the locals don't! so really all in all i guess its us with our road rage who lose out don't we, get all hung up about nothing... although coming round the mountain road between de la torre and el grande the other morning i met with an extra wide load, carrying a small house on board, only a third of the house was almost over my car, i actually ducked! doh! that would have helped, i don't think!

a well known and long standing company down on the coast is not having the best of times, making a lot of people redundant, closing receptions and restaurants, even making porters only work weekends! lots of people have been told to go....

although i must admit not that many people are complaining who come into the shop, they are still getting a huge bargain on their ciggies after all, and after all its not only Spain where the prices have risen we see on the English news every day how expensive every thing is getting well it is here too! its not just a British problem its world wide...

off to Pizarra market tomorrow, will be back soon, Dr Who is just starting... oh and by the way Tony is having his birthday weekend in Prague as i write, havent heard a word from him, hope he is having a good time.... are there any web cams there do you think?

A responsible warrior is not someone
who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders,
but someone who has learned to deal with
the challenges of the moment.
Manual of the Warrior of Light


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