Monday, June 09, 2008

yesterday we were at the pizarra market again, was good again, so many stalls and lots of people out looking and buying bits...

and today... i got a new job! remember i did the cigarette promotion two years ago... the one that tired me out flat after 5 weeks! well when needs must and the need is great... so i begin tomorrow! had interview this afternoon in malaga, and they called me this evening! i have a day training, remind me of all their products and i am off to a tobacconists on wednesday, last time i did five different locations, this time it is a week at one and a week at another, at just two places.

one of which is at my web cam, see links... so look out for me there! will have to make a time, and stand there looking strange (?!) for five minutes!

my hours will be long, not home till 10pm, so, like last time, franco will have my dinner ready for me, and then it will five minutes and i will be asleep i guess, so if you don't find me writing on here for a day or two don't worry... i will take photos maybe and a quick word or two...

It is precisely the possibility of realizing a dream
that makes life more interesting.
The Alchemist


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