Tuesday, June 03, 2008

well today i will have to eat my words... well the food anyway! we went to iceland store down at miramar parque and for just over 30€ got about two weeks of food! not bad eh!

we also went to diá and lidl, yes it was one of those big shop days, an all over the place job! made more difficult by the road outside dunnes being closed and the ctra 340 being overly busy too.

i was very nervous walking round lidl today, there were a few gypsy types in... the girls on the check outs, and the guards had come in to keep a watch on them... they just walked in with no cart, and were wandering around, so you know they didn't come in to buy if you know what i mean... they were in to steal... either goods, or the customers purses etc etc!

seems like every day we hear news of others being robbed... someones mom was getting out of her car in la trocha, up in coín, she was hardly out of the car when a man was there, she tried to get her bag back into the car which was in her hand and someone else came... not to help her, but to help the thief, so they had to mug her to get the bag, which they did... the police were called, but said she had to contact malaga police station? seems very strange... its a bit un-nerving isn't it!

tomorrow is the benalmádena market, near the parque... lets hope we do well, have lots and lots of garden ornaments folks....

The end of one stage
is only the beginning of another.
Any dangers overcome
are a necessary preparation
to do better in the next stage.
Unpublished by Paolo Coelho


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