Sunday, June 15, 2008

well to begin? had three days of my new job.... just as it was last time, long day... 40 hour working week, but 67 hours from door out in the morning to door back again at night!

but as i just said to barry, i do get a three hour rest on the beach every day! eat sleep read.... then back in to the shop at five! so that'll do me very nicely thank you!

last time i was sitting on a bench trying to get some shade, but not easy to relax on a hard bench, and definitely so sleep, so this time i already have it sussed out, after eating my lunch i am going to sleep, i set my alarm so i wake up, but am waking up naturally after an hour or less, so having some energising sleep for the afternoon.

had such a laugh on friday afternoon, i wasn't sure if i could make it through as we had woken up at 5.30am! for franco to leave at 6.30am! and i hadn't been able to go back to sleep, and i had only had half hour super nap on the beach before being woken by a girl asking me if i wanted a massage(!) but then the boss in the estanco got out a Duracell rabbit! like the one on the telly with the little guys falling of the cliff at the moment... sorry i digress... so she gets out this rabbit(!) and puts him on the counter, standing about 18 inches high, resplendent in his shorts and joggers top, cd player in the hand, camera round his neck and a earphones hanging round from his ears....! then she puts in the batteries and off he goes! music and swaying hips.... we, the boss marie, and her two girls who work there, and me... in hysterics! marie was mimicking the rabbit, then two of them, then three, and well who am i to spoil the show, so we were all doing the bunny swing!

customers came and went realising that yes, it was friday, it was late and we were all un poco loco!

the rabbit was put away, back in his box and we were still talking and laughing about 'him' when a customer came in and caught some of the conversation about.... a rabbit and batteries... he was stunned! misunderstanding... and somewhat embarrassed! will leave the rest to your imaginations.....

i met a lot of nice people, strange seeing the same ones so much in one week, in the last promo i was in five different estanco's in the five days, so didn't see the same people unless they were here for two weeks, or lived here, of course!

this time they come in every day buying cartons and cartons of cigarettes and rolling tobacco to take back home! which is great for me! and a gift for them!

and as last time also, i wonder if i will see someone i know from back in blighty, in the five weeks i only saw one person i knew, which was good, hope to see someone else i know this time too, and wish i would see someone i know from here too! seems very strange being in a store and not seeing all the friendly faces i used to see every day... where are you all you alhaurínos? oh i know up here in alhaurín! of course.... this week i am in the other estanco of the two i shall be doing the promo in, this one is along bajondillo... the one with the web cam from here in my links section, so no doubt i will be calling tony and saying... hey look here i am honey! like a loony standing by the street web cam....

well for now.... i am done... have a story of franco being a hero, will be blogging that later, just need a break!


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