Saturday, June 07, 2008

well whats happened to the rest of this week? no really!

wednesday we went to the benalmádena market, we got up at 530am, left about 630am and got to the market about 715am!!!

we, as usual set up and were then moved, juan, the guy from tivoli market was doing the parking as usual, in his usual manner... couldnt organise a party in a brewery(!) if you know what i mean....

but we were in a good place anyway, and will be going again next week, did ok, ish, but hopefully every week will improve, especially as the holiday season kicks in, although we have next week the fair is there for the next two after that! typical!

thursday in the late afternoon franco and i were on our way home from malaga, and back in the car park, thank you! the radiator blew up! well more like a fizz and a puddle, but it blew up was how it was! back in the house i phoned alex in town, who, again, thank goodness was still at work... and friday took the car down to him, and picked it up later with a recon radiator in place, and, so far so good, we are noticing immediately how the engine isnt over heating, so probably been on its way out for while, although the crack could have been caused by the person who hit our car in the car park and took off the bumper a month ago!!!

photo above franco took in the winter of our church santa vera cruz....

today i was asked if i would come back to cudeca now i have some free time, come back to the fold and join the monday gals again... and later someone else came in and said she had heard i was coming back to cudeca, i said i had heard the same myself this morning!

Faith is difficult to conquer
and requires daily battles
if it is to be maintained.
The Valkyries



Anonymous said...

Good heavens, what a beautiful photo!


Marian said...

thank you carol... it is isnt it! franco took it one night last year, perfect light...