Sunday, June 22, 2008

its late now on sunday, but just remembered something that was on the local news here on friday morning and i wanted to tell you, here at alhaurín golf there have been some bad break ins, not the
usual type, which are bad enough, and we should know after ours three years ago last weekend.... but there were five in just four days there where 'they' used the old gas trick through the air con units over night and people are waking up in the morning feeling sick, and then finding someone has come in and taken anything they want... they and they're pets gased and robbed... i remeber thinking after our break in that the man had seen us laying there and all the other much worse posibilites, and what an awful thought of someone coming in when your unconscious!

ok thats me done for the weekend now, today we went to pizarra market, was a good day, even though the police came round and we all had give our names address's and of course NIE numbers and list what we were selling!

they shifted off a couple of people who had new things for sale and they are not allowed to!

the la trocha market starts again sunday july 6th, but its only boot sale things and no food at all is allowed to be sold. so we may go there instead of pizarra! not sure, also not sure weather to do the S.E.P.E. next sunday.... so many decisions!

my juice and lunch are made ready for tomorrow, and my bags packed!

so have a good week folks and hasta el fin de la samana!


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