Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Caught up with Woody when we were in the garden centre the weekend of my birthday! He was tired of all the red carpet hullabaloo!

I have just had the most surprising telephone call! I have been looking for Borax, I said something about Borax on Twitter and it got picked up by someone who had an idea to get rid of ants with Borax... I have been looking everywhere for it, well wherever I go! In the end I actually emailed the head office of Borax in California and today a man from their office Malaga called me! To begin I was, hey howd you get my phone number!!!!???

But then when I let the poor man speak he told me they had asked him to contact me about why I wanted it, and how much, and to tell me where I can get it!

Well the power of the internet eh!

And I was going out this morning, but at the last minute with door and windows all shut, everything switched off I realised I just couldn't make it, either down into town or even to the end of the street!

I decided instead to relax and watch the series Heir Hunters, so sad that so many people just don't have anyone close when they die, these on this TV series are people who have left no will, either because they have no idea of where they're family are, or have just not bothered of course.

Once case last week a man died, alone, no family it seems, he had left home at 17yrs, the last his parents or siblings ever saw of him, he moved down south, as unbeknown to him had one of his older brothers a few years later, they lived for over 50 years, and died, only 20 minutes away from each other without ever knowing the other was there... or even alive i guess...

They found a couple of sisters still living out of 6 or 7 siblings, and some nieces and nephews, they were sad, were glad they could at last know what had happened to him...

Just checked my *In* box and there is my email and the details of where I can get the Borax from! Although it is seeming a bit strange like its an illegal substance! I may well need help in calling and ordering it though, no doubt this man's English will not be as good as the one I spoke to just now... because of course my Spanish would fail miserably!

Yesterday... Tuesday, I went into town, got a few bits and had a té, then a friend joined me and I had another couple of té! I had told Pip I wouldn't be long, but then I guess she never believes how long I will be gone any more!

I also got passport photos done, took a while it was so hot in there I was glowing! I must get the forms all filled out and posted off as soon as I can find someone to sign the back who is official!

Friday we are meeting up at the Cruz bar in town to have a coffee for Cyril... Cant believe he passed away a year ago on 31st...

below another poem from Mom's book to me...

It was a joy to see you grow
- but a sadness too
- for you found your independence
and no longer needed me.
But now I see
that the years have given
more than they have taken
- and I celebrate my daughter
and my friend.
Pam Brown


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