Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sorry, with regards to my fragile state of mind I am drawing inspiration from a book my Mom gave me September 2007...

Monday I had not just a normal [bad] day but a real awful day, being Franco's birthday and mine approaching, and no cards from Mom i was a real mess, didn't get out of the house till the doctors appointment, after just being upset it went from bad to worse when I remembered a book Mom had given a few years back, entitled *Daughter* A Giftbook. I remembered it, went up stairs to the bookcase that I move about every so often which mean taking all the books out in the process and refilling it, so any book could be anywhere... but lo and behold the book was on top! how? who knows? then in the bathroom a light bulb went out, but later, it was working fine.... signs signs signs...

Anyway I started reading the book and was a complete sobbing wreck....

And below is one of the poems...

Walk gently my daughter
Through life's joys, songs and triumphs.
For my love will be there in your heart.

Walk gently my daughter
Through all life's great mysteries.
For my love will be there in your heart.

Linda Macfarlane



Christine said...

Hi Marian
Sorry its taken me so long to contact you been very busy with one thing and another.I hope you are feeling better now,must be awful for you.Im so glad I met you in La Cala while we were there.Try to find ouy how Teds wedding went,I cant believe you also new him.We must have passed one another when we had our apt in Gran Calahonda,very spooky.
Keep in contact and I hope to meet you again oneday.
Love Chris x x

Marian said...

Chrissie.... wondered where you were at! was great meeting up and yes we will definitely meet up again, in one country or the other!

will let you know about Ted when i hear... such a small world unbelievable isnt it...

take care,love mxx