Friday, July 09, 2010

couple of shots of the new road we used on Sunday along with half of the rest of the town! no wonder its so flat... its wide enough for three lanes in some places, so a lane each way with a crawler lane for the up hill truck struggle... but in the papers two years ago it said two lanes each way with crawler lanes on both sides? cant see it somehow.... hope there will still be room for the central reservation also planned, but???

and below just one photo of the airport!

i should have taken more maybe!

well the week has passed already, Wednesday i back in town *networking*... great name for sharing coffee and chit chat round town isn't it!

still feeling head achey and so yesterday morning awoke with a head ache, walked Pippa and more or less spent the day in bed! it never reached migraine status which i know is good, but it was just so bad i couldn't sleep? so was just laying there really, and every time i moved just a little too much Pip was jumping up and expecting me to get up, and each time i tried just that, coming down stairs, having a cup of tea, or coke (caffeine!) she would stay up there on the bed!

i think it was about 4pm when i came down, about then, took aNother pain killer... she came down that time, dinner time!

this morning i had to get into town for Euromillion lottery, i am winning it this evening, sorry everyone else, it just has to be done! and we needed a few bits of food. 5 items = €13.05, seems a lots! bananas, a little chicken (breast), four yoghurts, coffee and a bag of green salad!

wasn't out long, talk in town was mostly about the news (English), the warning of a 30° high for a couple of hours this afternoon! and the NHS (medical) hot line to phone in case of any problems associated with the heat! it was already over 30° here by the time most of us got to talking about the news report, and are expecting a minimum of 40°, but that is only the street heat... not the furnace that will be everyone's terraces by 4 or 5 or even 6pm! it just keeps on getting hotter during the day.... till we all melt through the cracks in our marble flooring!

i have also made an appointment now to see the doc, Monday evening, even sneezing is now starting a chain reaction of palpitations or head aches?

TTFN amigos

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