Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a nightmare of a day! If I say the word Bank... it will explain it all!

First the bank here.... typical walking in enquiring around the group of people with terrified looks on their faces backs to the walls around the room, found the one I was behind and I went and stood at the line.... because that's what its for!!!

Only two people in front of me but still took 25 minutes for me to be served?

Then back home, still no word about Mom's estate being finalised... from here you cant phone a free phone number, so I found another, probably a high premium number which when the bills comes through will double the bill... because the first call was 32 minutes, the second 20 minutes, both with similar starting code, so same price, I guess!

The first bank... I enquired how long these things take to complete, my Son had had to pay all the bills as I live out of the country and it had to be paid before I left England... they said, oh they because I spoke to two different people, 3 or 4 letters had been posted with reference to Mom's account, that they were awaiting important documents to complete the business! Oh these were sent to Moms house? Well she isn't there, and the person who is will have probably just thrown the letters away, because, un like Mom they hadn't *returned to sender*, because they were have had them back by now!

Seemed strange, as these documents were done four months ago while I was there!

So I then took the next option, speak to the person at the other bank... this was a call to a call centre, the lady who answered the phone there had trouble understanding me! I spelt out Berkhamsted several times, but I could hear her saying Hampstead, er.... what address? Finchley Road... And I am going no... BERKhamsted.... I even checked on the computer and said right its whatever number High Street, she said and the county? arh...... Herts!!!!

Eventually she said, hang on I will ask my supervisor... she came back in a few minutes, right, Berkhamsted.... I have it now! yeah well....

I was then transferred to the branch... and the lady I wanted is off today, [of course], I had to explain everything to someone else, who is calling me back... hopefully, he says all the documents the first bank wanted, were sent in early April to the correct office!

So we are back to square one, without the snakes and ladders, and didn't collect £100!

Apparently this should have been all completed in about two weeks.

So watch this space!

And moving on.... those photos look great don't they? Well I mean, seeing them like that, I will leave them there for a week maybe.

Ok I am exhausted, having washing to hang out, and am hungry....

so its adios from me...



Pia said...

wOW, you were right about the complaining!! Go get'em girl!

Marian said...

Pia... and no call back today! ah!!!!xx