Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vamos El Rojos!

yeah won on the Euro☺Millones! €9.61.... ok ok it isn't much is it, but i did say i was going to win, and i did!

and that's about it for today... Formula 1 on tv now whilst i am writing and watching at the same time, then footy later... and its vamos el rojos! come on the reds!!! later, i re tweeted a tweet from Kate reference Paul the Octopus who is deciding all the games of late! and now lil Paul is following me... oh how life is, i never expected to be followed by an octopus! how much better can life get!?!

we popped out earlier just to check on friends house, buy a carton of milk and hurry home for the TV action! its past hot out there, being in the mid 40's still at 8 and 9pm... in the 30's by the time for sleep, which means no one is....

and with the heat we are having an outbreak of ants, or would that be an in break? they are coming out of all the door frames, the door frames just hang there, not sealed or anything so anything in the brick work, works its way out to freedom! one sniff of food, or anything Pippa may deem to leave about the house makes it open house for them... i saw Pip (please look away now anyone with a gentle stomach!) had been sick, grass and bits, erm, anyway, i went to clean it up and saw the main bulk of it was just ants! and the two lines soldiering there way to remove it! well thanks very much but i would rather do that myself, ants are like carrion aren't they, instead of crows and magpies removing road kill, ants remove household edibles!!!

the other afternoon i picked up Pippa's bowl to put her dinner in it and found it to be alive with ants trying to carry off her dried food that's normally left in the bowl all day, so i am checking that out every time i go into the kitchen and cleaning it meticulously in the evening leaving it clean and empty!

and the little devils hurt too they nip you, its erm... the formic acid, no wonder it stings! and once you pick something up they're on they're up your hand and your arm so quickly its hard to decide what to do first, drop whatever all over the floor or get the ants off!

sorry Pip no midnight snacks for you, the ants could carry you off starting with that little black shiny nose of yours if you stick it in there in the dark! ah my poor baby...

yesterday.... woke up with headache, again, just walked Pip, and back to bed after some breakfast, got up about 2pm... cant keep doing this, maybe the doctor will have some answers tomorrow...


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