Thursday, March 24, 2011

Above the Alcazaba in Malaga...

Thursday today, already! I don't know where this week has gone, flying into the past without pausing for the present! Only that's not true, with my new positive thinking, everyday has felt like a present!

Tuesday, work, cold, windy, little sun, we were all cold at the Boardroom before I left for work, and spent the morning shivering, we all did! Even the 11:30 coffee wasn't hot enough for any of us!

I'm not sure if this machine is on a go slow or is just too slow to keep up with me these days, not sure what I need to do to clean it up and get moving, I am clicking back to change things, or correct typos and the new stuff comes out in the completly wrong place! Arh!!!

Wednesday, yesterday, weather still not great, looked like rain, but three of us had plans at the coast, [well two of us, and our plans became plans for all three of us!] so after brief meeting at Bar Cruz, off we went! Down to Calahonda, small diversion on the way, and to El Zoco, coffees at the sports bar where I used to do my Blog last year when we were staying down at the coast, that awful machine, with that awful music, still makes my stomach churn hearing that tune.... Funny how a piece of music, a taste, a smell can be so evocative of a past memory, good or bad...

We were up and down all the stairs in El Zoco looking for a special shop... I had gone into it earlier, not realising it was the store we were looking for! Anyway, found it! Then my errand further up the road, we decided to walk there... felt a long way yesterday, and the road noise seemed so loud! I needed a code to get where I wanted to go, didn't have it, but luckily some kind person let me in! Then we went to a beach bar for some lunch, not too many people there, we sat inside, for obvious reasons [weather], the food was wonderful, beautiful glass of wine, and the three of us had a great time... Then we had to walk back for the car! Phew, I was exhausted, we were going to go to Iceland, but decided we would leave that for next week! Maybe minus the glass of red wine?

And to today! Hot, hot, everyone over dressed! Went with a friend to La Trocha, don't understand how that place stays open, hardly anyone in there! Supermarket empty, stalls only just opening, shops empty, or closed! Had coffee and apple strudel! The best apple strudel in the world!

Just checked out the weather for tomorrow, looking good folks, looking good!

[looks for a poem]Hate it when I am in poetic mood and cannot find the words I seek in... Oh coincidence, as I write this very bit, my youngest son's Twitter popped up on here... His words? he is talking about words! Just as I am right now! But this isn't helping me much is it! And I am giving up on the site I was looking at! and I will now have to leave you wanting!


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