Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well talking about positive thinking drawing things to you you want!

Was talking the other day, and I know I have mentioned the book I lost[loaned to a friend], Forever by Mildred Cram 1889-1985, well today, in the shop, I was demonstrating a problem we have with the way the books are placed at the moment there... I reached out without looking, held a book as if to pull out... looked back to see above books falling had I pulled out this one beneath.... and I had my hand on the above book! I couldn't believe it! I almost shouted, well I did do a sharp intake of breath! Unbelievable! My missing book, well not actually mine, but the same, and now I have it again, and this one wont be leaving my sight!

In case you wondered, well probably not, but the book is out of print... so getting another copy wasn't easy!

I actually wore a skirt today... Summer is here, although first friend I saw told me rain was expected today! And it did, but not much, and not for long... and afterwards, warm beautiful sun, was up on the terrace until half hour ago, watching the sun setting over the mountain... And it looks like sun for the rest of the week, maybe skirt again tomorrow!!

Had a meeting yesterday at work, it was day leaders, but I was asked to stand in for mine, then I ended up taking the minutes too! Pat said "can you take the minutes Marian?" I said, "what write?" Bit of an airhead moment I know, but funny none the less! Bit like Saturday with the locker key! Think I need to change the color of my hair!!! lol...

Funny walking Pippa in the dark again now... the birds don't seem to have noticed its dark though now... No, what I mean is, they were tweeting at the old 6:30am, but now, even at the new 7am, they're up and about making a racket!

Auntie Linda's funeral tomorrow, Wednesday 2pm BST.... Can't believe she has gone, so suddenly, seems unreal... And now I won't ever go back to where her and Mom lived....

Ok battery going, going to go now..

TTFN amigos

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