Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The photo above is the castle in the town, where my Italian Grand parents came from Quaglietta..

Well I am on a go slow here am I not! Been a week again nearly and saying so makes me feel like Groundhog day! I am repeating myself on each Blog!

Saturdays weather was wonderful, was hot sitting outside Bar Cruz, beautiful day... Sunday was a mix of sun and showers and now my Blog is turning into a weather report, and who wants to know what the weather has been? No one, just means I have run out of words...

Friday our syndicate won a little on the Euromillions, a very little, not even enough for another weeks lottery! And if we win the big one, Friday is 105 million Euros! I won't be mentioning it on here... I guess the things I say I have been doing might give my game away???

Sunday was quiet, just walked Pippa and did nothing much else actually! Monday down town, sat inside bad weather is all I shall say! Got soaked going to Mercadona after bar, it did stop by the time I got home, a friend was round for a cuppa, and about 2:30, a lightening flash and clap of thunder came together the power went off and the sky was black, my friend made a run for it to get back to hers.... she got wet! The rain came down in sheets, so heavily as I sat watching it from upstairs on the floor... with Pippa sat with me, the rain came down hit our street and was being forced up hill in waves by the pressure of more following it down! A stream of water was coming off our terrace like a hose pipe was on!

Then it was gone, and past....

And Tuesday beautiful, really is spring showers... Work was great, we had a very profitable morning, probably took more money in our store than any other in town! Then after work the five us were at one of their homes having a nice lunch, just out of town... lovely sat outside, but under a canopy thingy covered with flowers... they have a lovely garden with a small pagoda[?] with wonderful chimes, not those shrill ones, like we have! But a beautiful muted sound, deep and, well, just lovely!

She has beautiful cream fresias growing in the garden, of which she gave me a stem, they're in a small vase and smelling sweetly... amongst loads of other flowers and plants etc...

It has quite a lot of land and they're moved into town soon... bet they will miss their garden though, made me yearn for one again, grass, trees, flowers.... If we started digging our terrace the only things we would find are our bedrooms and bathroom!

Anyway, was a lovely couple of hours and was good to have a chance to talk and sit and relax without customers interfering!!!

Today, was lovely sat outside the bar, we were all over-dressed, which means tomorrow, we will all be under-dressed!!!

The last episode of Being Human has come and gone! Its a cult series, aparently, and I am missing it already, the third series, its about a warewolf, a vampire and a ghost, all sharing a house, well of course, why not!

Heroes, which I also love, has been gone for far too long, seems like well over a year... not sure when it finished... I just remember shouting at the tv when it did, as I wasn't expecting it!!

My Auntie Linda isn't well, she is in hospital, Watford General, oh what a familiar place to me that is.... She fell and broke her hip, she is 92, and not taking it well now, please say a prayer for her....

And on that note, Pippa is telling me its time for me to start my dinner! She is, honestly, she wines and nudges me to get up and go to the kitchen, she is a good time keeper! Just not a great conversationist!

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud And the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows Higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide) And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart).

E E Cummings


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