Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm a ding bat! I completely got the Euromillions results information wrong this morning! In my haste to see if we won, apart from seeing what we did win... not very much, by the way, I thought more people had won the jackpot than was true! It was only later adding it up, the way I thought the winnings had gone, it just didn't make any sense at all! All irrelevant of course, as it wasn't us!

At the Boardroom this morning we were a melancholy lot, thoughts of our plans for the 133 millions, dashed, momentarily.. The sun was having trouble pushing past the clouds hanging around! A drop of rain, just the one!

So much to remember this evening, lights out at 8:30pm around the world, for Earth Hour... Then clocks go forward an hour overnight!

Not sure if I will remember to actually do any of these things... I got all the way home this morning to find I still had the locker key to a locker in Mercadona! Great, I had their key, they had my duck eggs! So a couple of hours later, I headed back into town, to retrieve them! Only plus side was I was able to pick up a little more from the store I couldn't carry earlier, and stopped for té with two neighbours who were down at Bar Cruz, second visit of the day! This time, by the way, the sun was out, it had been for an hour or more, and stayed that way till now, its setting over the Sierra de las Nieves!

I watched a whole series on DVD today, Desperate Romantics, six episodes in all! Sounds like a long haul but it wasn't, it was brilliant, great to see in its entirety, I only watched bits of the first two episodes when it was out a couple of years ago, so glad to have got to see it now... I had a break for my trip to town this afternoon, and another hours break later on for some things I wanted to do.

Apart from leaving the duck eggs in Mercadona, I feel I am missing more...

"What we think, we become.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make the world."

- The Buddha


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