Thursday, March 10, 2011

Been nearly a week since my last post... Not even sure why... ! Lets retrace my steps shall we!

Saturday, to town, of course, sat inside with friend, was a bit blowy out side! I had already picked up our syndicate winnings... not a lot, but we won, and that's the important thing... and once outside back into the lottery shop and friend also won! Way to go!!

Just realised I have a bite... the sort of weather for it, hope its not a mosquito bite! I have 'removed' two from the house in past two days! One was massive, he was hanging about in the bathroom waiting for me, but I saw him first!

Now I just need to not scratch the bite... I already have a flare up from eating something with MSG in it, although my face is telling me, I have eaten several things, that's the trouble, when I'm not having a flare up I can eat some things, that just have 'thickeners' or 'flavourings' or.. one of many 'other' words for MSG, I have definitely not eaten anything that actually says MSG, so I must have overdosed on one of the others... So of course that is my fault, and I am suffering, so itchy and stingy, eyes feel just the same!

Sunday, was a quiet day... just a bit of pottering about the place, after walking Pippa, of course!

I think Monday was 'normal', shall we say! and Tuesday was work as normal too! I gave back a book I had borrowed from a friend the Tuesday before, read it in a week, and now want my own copy...

I was already feeling lots more positive, after the bad Monday from a couple of weeks ago, but reading this book, has just so inspired me even more! A friend came round the other day, and I think she thought I was having a nervous breakdown! I was almost hysterical with happiness! Hopefully that's not the case.... But I have definitely turned myself about, regarding how I am feeling, about the way we're struggling just now, the huge death duty tax that has to be paid.... etc etc... Bills will get paid, in a year the tax will be paid, and my health is getting better, although I should be saying my health IS better! Just have to get rid of the rash again now!! ;-)

I am thinking happier thoughts now of Mom, knowing she is happy where she is now, as everyone has said, time and again, it took those 'again's' for me to hear you, thank you, you know who you are!

We had lots of rain yesterday, a friend and I went down to Fuengirola yesterday, did a few things we needed doing, and back home, was about 2:30pm, I was shattered! And soaked through!

I bought my usual Shredded Wheat, 5.11€... how much is it in England now! That sounds extortionate to me! Has wheat gone up that much! And 3 Cadbury's flakes for a euro.... haven't eaten any of them yet!

I have been cooking some strange things... dinner has been kind of normal, but so fed up with one plain yoghurt after another, there were the apple dumplings last week, this week, banana cake[!] apple crumble, apple thing with meringue... [I want to spell that Merangue, but spell check says I am wrong!!!]

Today I got to town, we were even sitting outside the bar, but then the rain started, so we went our separate ways... Me to Mercadona, to carry a too heavy bag back home, once again, that's the trouble with those little pull along baskets, pulling, and carrying are two different things! Of course they are!!

I also stopped off to buy some paint[???], we have had an area on a wall in our bedroom which is still badly stained from the terrible damp we had this time last year, when there had been rain from December to March! I must have painted over that area half a dozen times, and the paint just wouldn't stay there, sounds strange, it wasn't running down the wall, or evaporating! Just seemed to sink in and then disappear! As if by magic! So, after hearing another idea, that's what I am trying, coming at it from a completely different angle... I bought some spray paint, not because it was spray, but for the color... I have gone off on my own path here, should have been more of a silver color, aluminium really, but not Hammerite.... just that color, well I couldn't find any, and grey just didn't seem right!

So I have sprayed the area bronze.... looks more like gold at the moment! And so, for now, and for today and until tomorrow there is a load of bronze spray paint on our way, like some crazy has gone and put graffiti on the wall, no signature though!

Tomorrow I will paint the area white, to match the rest of the wall, of course, might take two coats, as the bronze is rather.... well bronzy!

If you know what I have done and why... that's cool, if you know why it will work.... Please, please tell me!

[of course, if it hasn't worked, you will hear about it for sure!]

I think that's me for today! Its so cold in here I can see my breath!


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