Thursday, May 26, 2011

All these photos today are taken at the lakes, we were there on Sunday... Beautiful day... Look at that wonderful rock formation above, when we got close you could see a man made pillar to hold that great overhang from falling down and bringing the mountain with it!!!

My little computer here is going so slow I am typing away and nothing is appearing until two lines later, very frustrating and annoying and driving me mad, not the only thing today either, but will tell that after these photos! If I can get this bit done that is!!

OK photo above taken from the top of the dam, looking down at the very still and murky looking lake! Thats the bit with the steps and gardens that are off limits... I think because once down at the bottom there.... see below.....

... here we are below now! There sort of left of centre... is a bridge which is broken... So maybe 'they' think it would be dangerous having those gardens etc open to the public, but they must have been closed for a long time now, pity, that would make a great walk through those woods and over the lake... Still its nice to see from the other end isn't it.... We were down here once before and Tony and Franco got hold of some prickly pears, much to their discomfort!!

Above classic photo of the lakes, near the Kiosk restaurant... if you zoom in, kind of in that little dip after the forest on the left! You can see some of the wind turbines now... They were not here two years ago! I think they look wonderful, amazing...

Look how deep the water is, its amazing those eucalyptus trees don't rot!

Ok, can't wait any longer.... Today, this morning 10am at a mobile phone shop... To cancel the contract and go back to pay-as-you-go, type thing, the monthly bills are way too high, and we have never received a statement, so who knows what's been going on.... Anyway, I digress as normal! So, first in, first to be served.... 50 minutes later out of the shop, only one number sorted out, mine still to do, it has to be done at 6pm this evening, apparently it was 18 months ago to the day I began the contract, freaky isn't it! So also lucky, must admit I hadn't remembered I had taken an 18 month contract, having been with 'them' before, and using them for nearly 10 years... Sorry off again aren't I !!! So came back just after 6pm... 20 minutes later was told, no has to be 6:49 exactly, so its 18 months to the date and time! Out for a coffee, back at 7pm... Ten minutes later than time... just in case! Back on the phone... and NO NO NO!!! If I cancel the contract today, I will have to pay a cancellation feeeeeeeeeee!!! WHY??? Who knows!! So I can't do it tomorrow, no here in Alhaurín anyway, town is closed... period! Feria weeks remember!!!

What a nightmare!!! The poor people in the shop, it wasn't they're fault... but the people on the phones... But for me, the nightmare will go on until I have managed to cancel it!

And now for me its time for tea!


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