Sunday, May 08, 2011

If you have a Mom in Heaven!¸¸.•*"Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ"*•.¸¸
If flowers grow in heaven Lord, then pick a bunch for me; place them in my Mom's arms and tell her they're from me.
Tell her that I love and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while
Miss you still MOM ♥
Mothers day today in the states.... As Mom and I are American I guess now we can celebrate today...

Photo above one of my favourites of Mom and I in Cadiz, with Tony, holding the camera of course!

Beautiful weather today, just sun and sun and more sun... At last and wonderful, went to La Trocha market in Coín this morning, nice walk around and coffee with apple strudel... again! I am going to start to look like a piece of apple strudel soon!

Washing has dried on the line and I really should be bringing it in, or it will feel like cardboard... Though it probably already does!

We had a power cut this morning, about 8:30, and was out for a couple of hours, it went off again later, and once dinner was in the oven, it went off again! So had to shift some of dinner out of the electric counter oven into the gas oven!!!! We ate meals at different times therefore!

Missed the Grandprix too, no tv, and then the battery went on this, it only lasts less than half the amount of time it did when it was new... Wonder if this is normal??

Power went again, I think? Anyway was off most of day in the end, back now of course! Or I wouldn't be writing this now...

Can't seem to get house straight today, everywhere I go there is something that needs putting away, so am leaving it now and going to chuck it all out later... Hate it when there is stuff everywhere, can't get my head straight, like a tidy desk at work[when I was], can't work in a mess!

And I am so tired, not had afternoon nap for ages, and ages, but today just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, not helped by the late night noise outside the house, the end of green week, lots of beautiful plants and decorations outside many of the houses in the area, so last evening everyone went to look, at all of them, taking a band and rockets with them, culminating in fireworks about 12:30am!!!! Then people were walking home from it! I had at one point switched off the tv, but turned it back on at tried again at 1am...

After last week.... What night? Can't remember! Oh yes, Tuesday night, end of celebrations in town, they ended with fireworks at 2am.... yes 2am, and were set off behind the house, Pippa hasn't gone any further than the row of houses we live in, and just round the corner... Then she pulls us home, this morning I didn't even bother trying, not so much for her this morning, was so tired!

Then had to do all my bathroom stuff in the dark, well with a tea light to see by... That was fun!!! What the heck did we do without electricity!?! I know I never actually have had to, but its the same when the phones aren't working isn't it!

Even when I know the electric isn't working I go to switch on a light, or the kettle etc, or think, "shall I watch a DVD then if the tv isn't working?"

What else? La Cala market yesterday, nice morning, sun out, had the roof down on the car on the way home which was wonderful! Stopped into garden centre on the way home for coffee![read tea]...

Loads of tourists at the market, good good good! I got a couple of new charms for my bracelet, a little Buddha and a monkey! One of the three wise monkeys that is!

Last week.... Oh heck forgot I had the hospital on Tuesday didn't I, and I was going to let you know the results... And not leave you waiting! Well, I am still waiting so there we go, what's new!

We were on time, well early, went in early too, Whoopee, he, the doctor asks me if I have my heart monitor results???? So, that was it really, he beat up my hip and its still in agony, wrote out a paper to send me elsewhere for that and told me to come back in the morning and to try to get my results and come back to see him ASAP...

... So we were back early Wednesday morning, and up to where I got the heart monitor before, I asked for the results, she printed them out, got them signed and gave them to me, the doctors assistant could have done that the day before, took two minutes!

Then to the appointments desk, lucky there too, but in getting to the desk only.... only two people ahead of me, not 102, so five minutes and up I went, told him the doctor wanted to see me ASAP as I now have the results he wanted yesterday, but 'he' said I had to have the other appointment first, then see the doctor, they will phone me, and my appointment with the doctor is June 7th!

I very stupidly translated what I could of the results and then Googled them! Big mistake, I now have all sorts of bad things and may not get to finish this post!!!

S'ok, still here...

Although going now, tired, and need to get in washing... I am posting a beautiful YouTube video on here, I heard this song last night, well this morning to be precise, on a tv program, Medium.... This song is so beautiful.... Enjoy.... Its Dixie Chicks and Lullaby...

Life begins and ends in a moment and life can change in a moment. All we have are moments.


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