Monday, May 16, 2011

A different view of the lakes, not seen before by me! Just before we came out on a reservoir we knew well!!!! From a road not previously driven because we thought it out of bounds!!!

Not sure what I was taking here... above? But a pretty looking field of something or other eh!!!

Above and below more taken in Setenil de las Bodegas! When your sitting there looking at the mountain and the houses, it looks more like the mountains have moved over the houses, rather than the houses being built beneath the mountains!

I know I took the pic above before, but look how close the mountain is to the bedroom balcon above! A matter of what? Two or three foot at the most! I must admit, I wouldn't like to see that view from my window... Could feel a bit claustrophobic don't you think? Or depressing! I remember staying at a friends house in... Abertillery, Wales, and the mountains surrounding the houses were oppressive, seeming to lean down and over everyone... Although certainly not as close above!

And lastly, above, the castle at Olvera, one, for the second time I have been unable to get inside! I bet its not worth it! Is that it? There is a castle in England, I have always wanted to go inside, Bodiam Castle, E.Sussex. I have been as far as the car park a couple of times, but never inside, for one reason or another I cannot even remember now... One day I guess eh.... Have a look at the link, I think anyone would love to visit it!

Weather report - Bit cloudy today, but still warm, bordering on hot and muggy! No rain, although it looked imminent all day!

Work tomorrow, lost my glasses there last week, only need them for reading[!] So only put them on to do so, but wish I had kept them on, slipped out of my pocket... and into someone else's, [she thought they were a donation and took to try] luckily she is bringing them into the shop tomorrow, they didn't work for her! Surprise surprise... funny eh!!!! Had another pair on order, saw her an hour later, and got back on the phone to shop... so saved a couple of hundred pounds running into her, as just managed to cancel the order in time!!!

It is not enough to be able to drop your body
as easily as a bathrobe, take flight like the eagle,
enter the hollow hills, talk with angels, and
dance among the stars.

We must make the return.

We must live in this world and be gardens
for the dreams that want to take root in it.
~ Robert Moss, Dreaming True ~

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