Monday, May 02, 2011

Its been the longest time.... whoa oh oh... The longest time since I last blogged amigos!

Weather has been a mix of rain and sun! Tomorrow is the last day [apparently], then we have summer, but no one is holding their breath!

We have gone from the Semana Santa celebrations straight into Green Week, April 24th through to May 8th I think.... And its our church of course, the Santa Vera Cruz, so its noisy every evening, and last couple of days have each begun with rocket fire, 20 or 30 or more rockets, setting off the dogs, Pippa went for nearly 24hrs without taking a pee!!!! She refused to leave the house this morning for a walk, we got into the car park and turned right around and pulled me home! Yesterday morning we were out minding our own business when the rockets started and she pulled me home, I had to run she wouldn't walk, and was so terrified, my poor little baby.... Then last night right after her dinner, again they went off, and her dinner lasted inside her very nervous body about ten minutes, maybe! She refused to even go up on the terrace, and eventually went to the toilet this afternoon!!!! I was worried she would damage herself by not going for so long!

Last week we, me and two friends, went to Torremolinos for breakfast, a walk, back up into the town! Those steps, again, only I did them better this time, I should be running up them soon! I also popped into one of the Tobacconists I worked in! Said a quick "hello" well "hola" and besitos all round!

Then we went to Ikea, a friend wanted a frame, and he had been trying to get one elsewhere, he gave up! And although both have an almost morbid fear of Ikea, we went! Me, as you know, I love it there! I showed them immediately the quick way out! Well just in case one of them panicked! This being a real possibility! Then we had lunch! Meatballs of course for me! And coffee's.... Then we skipped the up stairs, they didn't know they could[????] and a quick run around the kitchen bits and short cuts to the frame, and out! The longest bit probably was the check out! But they lived to fight another day didn't they, and was quite pain free!

Been to La Trocha market last two Sundays, bit quiet there... Few marketeers missing, and lookers.... although I am maybe going quite early so possible filling up at a more normal time!

Oh and went to lunch with friends Thursday... What fun! At a road side bar I had never been to before... five of us.... The birthday boy ate something that gave him an immediate upset stomach... and a bad case of hic ups followed, and I mean bad, so bad, he was sick! Right there! At the table!!!!! The food only tasted of salt, the main course, apart from salt was literally swimming in yellow oil, as in over used, the fries were bottom of the frier condition... Passing cars caused dust and debris to fly over the wall around the terrace we were sat at! And 'things' fell from the tin ceiling, into food and eyes!!! [medical assistance needed for the eye!] I'll stop here, enough is enough, I'm really milking the thing now!

So, somewhere I have been now, that I hadn't and won't be revisiting again!

Oh oh, and of course the Royal Wedding! Friday, between William and Kate... I sat through the whole thing, watching every detail, I couldn't help myself, I loved it! And cried here and there, thinking of how Princess Diana would have been so proud of her oldest Son, and remembering Tony was born just a week from him... There was a present to those whose sons were born on the same day! But Tony was on time... So, no present, except the best present of course Tony, you!!! Sorry, still in soppy mood obviously!

I have the hospital tomorrow evening, results....

Won't leave it to Blog too long, I am sure everything is good to go!
"Any life, no matter how long and complex it may be, is made up of a single moment - the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is." - Jorge Luis Borges

Photo, one I took in Torremolinos few years back

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