Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got my glasses back! Thank goodness, what a nightmare! Above photo taken in town, a classic eh, three ladders up to the balconies....???

And below, two, not so great photos, as photos of photos! A friend in work had taken them the evening before, she had gone out to her garden at dusk and there was this animal leaning over her fish pond!

What a face eh! Intense look about it, strange but beautiful... Lastest is its a Genet... At first Civit was the best idea, although some of photos didn't look quite right for it to be a Civit...

And a Twitter follower suggested the Genet, and I am sure this is it.... Look at the tail! How long??

Interesting read on both of the animals, of which I am sorry to say I had heard of neither!!!

Work was ok, time went bit slow, and there seemed to be no people out and about at all! But we did good non the less, which is why we are there!

Weather has been a mix of hot sun, or pouring rain! We even had hailstones yesterday afternoon, and thunder and lightening early hours of this morning! What is going on, its May!!!

The Feria in town next week, so does this mean rain or sun!!!

Pippa still is coming to terms with all the noise and turmoil of the May celebration rockets, she is still hesitant going out for her walks, we come to full stops, or she only wants to go down dead end roads! My poor little baby....

I have hospital appointment again tomorrow evening about my hip, don't really know who with! And results are now on May 31st, got them brought forward by a week, better than nothing I suppose.

I have been training on a Wii fit plus, did some of the sports stuff last week, but began a proper routine yesterday only, and yesterday my wii fit age was 51, today, only 24hrs later I am down to 39! That's better!!!

Glad I burnt off some calories earlier, a friend gave me a wonderful piece of home made bread pudding, which I ate with custard just now!! Although not sure that's the point of burning calories? So you can eat them up afterwards???

I'm spending too much time on solitaire, and seem to be making my way through every 80's hit on YouTube!

And today, feel like I am saying so much about nothing, and nothing about things I should!


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