Saturday, September 03, 2011

Me with my Picasso eyes! In the Picasso museum in Malaga last week, well this week past I mean....

Two tempory exhibitions there at the moment, Picasso at work: Through the lens of David Douglas Duncan, and Cartoons on the Front Line.

Both extra exhibitions well worth seeing, the whole thing was much better this visit, I feel like I have said all this before? But have checked back and didn't Blog last week about the visit, bit strange, maybe where I have Tweeted? or Facebook'ed, who knows! Maybe I am just feeling strange!

The internet is going slow this afternoon, which is very frustrating!

At least the weather is better today, well, I say better, its been cloudy and sunny both, wonderful breeze, the temperature in side has come down to 22, which is much better, more liveable...

Four books on kindle now....

I see it says available in UK only, but the're available worldwide on

Ok, Cannot cope with this go slow on here this evening now, so, its adios amigos, before I throw this thing!


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