Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh dear.... left it a week again, and now I do not have a clue as to my whereabouts over the past 7 days!!

Today, now, back home in Spain... Did some food shopping, can you believe Franco and Pippa ate all the food in the house!!

The photos are from the court house in Nottingham, the scary man next to us... goodness knows how long he has been in there, a tiny, six foot x 4 foot room, the bed sloped downwards... ???

Yesterday, I packed and chilled out watching a few episodes of Murder she wrote!

Left here I am... sitting in the judges chair!!! Maybe I should have moved the other wig and my hand bag off the desk in front of me eh!!

What do you think, suits me???

We had a questionnaire to fill in afterwards, I didn't, not enough time, never enough time...

Last time I was here I completely forgot to photograph anything, due to being frightened by a woman who I had at first glance to be a mannequin, yeah yeah very funny, but believe you me when what appears to be a mannequin comes to life, you would be frightened too!!

My batteries were 'exhausted' as we went into the exercise yard, but luckily I had brought some spares... I think Barry would have
gone crazy if I made him go in there again at any point!!!

Not sure how easy you can read these last two photos only a couple of the many words written by the prisoners, the walls around the whole of the yard are covered in they're names and signature... whole histories....

We have a great day up with Barry, only problem is a cannot just wander about at the moment, so after drinks, the court house, lunch, and more drinks, a bit of shopping... I was exhausted like my batteries, unlike my batteries I cannot recharge.. at all!!!

Back to Luton airport yesterday, checked in fine, took ages in the line to get through into departures... got to my turn and I two massive boxes to fill, they're twice the size of the Malaga ones, and heavy empty!! My net book and Kindle in one, the other my hand bag and then shoes, as ordered, the man told me to take off my little cardi I was wearing.... had to tell him it was attached to the shirt beneath... [fashion eh!], and he made a little joke that I still had to take it off!!!!

Ha ha ha!!!

And so into departures got a coffee, well over 2 pounds, but it said you could have as many refills as you want, I didn't even drink the one cup, it was awful coffee.... Improvement needed!

I had a wander around the shops, we boarded on time, left on time and got in... on time, which is always half hour earlier than it says on the ticket!

While I was on the plane, Tony and Kate were also flying... to Vegas!! Wow lucky things!

Loved using my Kindle while I was away, Facebook'ing and Tweeting away on it! Reading it of course too! Then Tony got my phone working, on the last day and I had, at last the free internet I get with the English Vodafone top up!!

I got to Berkhamsted on Saturday met up with Janette there, Costa Coffee to start, of course! Then down to a small Antique/second hand shop down by St Pauls church and the boys school... what a wonderful fantastic place.... the shop!!! There are three small rooms to look around, then a whole Aladdin's cave of others areas open up! You go out the back door and there are about 6 more rooms...in the garden!! oh its great! Although I was slightly held back by the fact a small suitcase was my only mode of carriage!

I could have bought a whole load of things!!

Time ran out, as it does, that thief stole it away, as he does... he? Got to be a he!!!

Missed out on seeing loads of friends, some don't know I was there, well I suppose they do now!!! Next time.... always next time....

Its still hot here, but then its only been less than two weeks, not sure what the temperature is, will check it out... phew ok, back in, with the washing! Its 31 degrees in the shade, so not bad! The washings been out an hour or so...

Off now, need to cook dinner, the fresh washing away... been busy around the house today, Franco has painted and decorated, the house looks amazing, but nothing is where I left it!!!


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