Thursday, September 08, 2011

Some rather random photos today... Above a cow, advertising a restaurant, not for vegetarians I take it!

Some beautiful cloud formations the other evening, September is the month for these here for sure... most of them looking like space ships, or at the very least giant cigars!!!

Walking into town the other morning.... I did turn about to check I was un observed, didn't want to look like a tourist afterall!!! Did I??

And finally above, the restaurant down at La Cala, the fast food one we went to the other week, I actually thought I had mentioned it, but looking back at my rather thin amount of Blogs of late, I see I havent written about it at all?

Franco had told me about a place, an American style diner, food all in see through boxes, money in the slot, change machine nearby for .... well, change of course!

He said the food was placed in the boxes... and I must admit I imagined the worse.... But we went in, the list of meals above was enormous, one would normally just pop the money in and I guess the door would open you take the food etc, but the shelves were all empty, so, a girl took our order, we sat, she brought it over, 5 chefs were in the very open to view kitchen, you could see how clean it all was... the booths were brown and green, very stylish, and comfy.... Franco had a whole chicken, 5€ half the price of a roasted chicken anywhere else.... and I had fish and chips, with salad, soda, and ice cream, for 3€ 95c.... how cheap is that! Definitely worth a visit if your down that way!

But so as I am missing out on complaints.... Had 'great fun' in Coín today, went to pay some bills for a friend, went into the bank to use the bar code payment machine... it said, not working, so off to wait in line at the cashiers desk... One woman working, who, when a man came to join her, left! Only of course, he wouldn't take the money as I didn't have an account in that bank! [machine still not working].... He said go to the post office, which was a bit of a journey away, but off we went.... Nice post office! Its new, and slightly further away than the old one was... And of course, the lady there said I couldn't pay the bills there either! We tried a couple of other banks on the way back to the original bank... Then, a miricle, we went into a bank of ours, another branch, and they smiled, said 'hola' as we walked in, took my bills, took my money, and were so cheerful I couldn't believe it!

Can't believe how hot it still is, I suppose it always is, just we forget every year, but an hour ago, it was still 38 degrees up on the roof terrace, which is in the shade... I am looking forward to frosty mornings, and a cool breeze, these I might feel as I am off to England next week, frosty mornings do not happen where we live in the town!

I know I have so much more to tell, sorry for being so lazy recently with my writings, not sure what's up with me! Just the heat maybe....

TTFN amigos... Be happy!

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