Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am actually working backwards here... So, Friday??? Ok, yes, got it! Up to town, and waited at the bus station for my cousin to get off her bus... should have sat down to wait, but didn't! She arrived just in time, the next bus we were both to go on, was in... and off to Tring, to visit her Dad... Which we did, then it was back on a bus, her in one direction, me in the other, back to Aylesbury, we held a strange conversation over the [old]A41... seeing her again on Thursday! I had a real bad neck ache then a head ache later, took a pain killer, just a normal one, when I had to take it anyway, and an hour later felt a little better, what would a visit be, if I didn't get a head ache I ask.... I ask????

Saturday! We went to town! And to see the new, and final, Harry Potter movie, was great, can't believe its the last one, but it was a perfect ending....

Sunday, Tony picked me up and we went to Milton Keynes, short walk about, after having a Costa Coffee, coffee! Then it was back to the house, Kate had done a run in the morning and came back not long after us... we went back to MK later and went to the movies to see... ummm, hang on will have to check.... ok, that doesn't sound good, if I have to check out the name of it, does it? 'How Does She do it'... its called... Well it was ok, but sorry, not really our cup of tea, and not made any better by the fact of three women sitting by me, who commented all the way through, and laughed, even when not necessary, or over laughed, it sounded so false, and really, really annoying!!!

Yesterday, we went up to Nottingham, to see Barry, fantastic, I was worried I wouldn't to see him this trip over, its a fair way up country, when you have no wheels... thank you for taking me.... The weather was ok too, bit cloudy down south, then we were north of Watford Gap and north! Sun was out, bit breezy, but nice day, met up with Baz, in Costa Coffee, of course, took a couple of phone calls for me to find it though, my normally good sense of direction leaves me lost in Nottingham... We got the tram[two minute ride], up to the court house, and did a tour, I had to, took photos too, later with those! We had lunch in Nandos, of course, and a bit more of a wander about, but i just can't wander about any more, or rather, at the moment, it was a two hour drive up, and about the same back, so good to see my Son....

Today, at last got to it! Tuesday...Got the bus from Aylesbury to Hemel Hempstead, passing through the usual suspects! Aston Clinton, Tring, Northchurch and Berkhamsted.... The area where my Mom lived, the whole area, is just a green grassy field now! Can't believe they took down all the apartments, which were being used, not by the people who were there when Mom was, but by others, is now... nothing, nada, nowt!

What a waste, maybe they cannot afford to now rebuild the site for whatever they took down all the apartments, but surely would have been better to keep people housed, take rent, and have the place lived in!!

Lots of shops seemed different in the high street too, was going to stop off, but was just too tired to do so, stopping off in Northchurch though, as planned to see one of Mom's friends, her son was there, we first met when I was 16 and working Saturdays in a taxi office in Berkhamsted, it had a small parts shop too!!! You know not sure why I worked there? Must have been for the money, I was working Monday to Friday elsewhere... must have been the motor oil already coursing through my veins....

Woods garden centre in Berkhamsted has had a name change. Its called Woo's now, or could just be the 'W' is lost!!!!

I didn't manage to get to Hemel last visit, which, to some might not mean much at all, but, I needed to go there, Mom and I were always there, the shops, the coffee, the shops, and then the coffee.... I told my friend I would meet her in the central coffee shop area... I got there, but it wasn't !! The coffee bar I mean, so went back to another one and texted her!

We did lots of walking, ate a Cornish pasty in a new restaurant, there used to be a huge Cornish pasty camper van... now its a whole restaurant, we sat outside in the sunshine, and then, later, continued around the shops, I was so tired though, too much walking, not enough caffeine maybe?? I saw so many things to buy, and then, of course, didn't!! Turned into a window shopping trip, the bus back came on time, while I was waiting I tried to find my sun glasses, searched everywhere.... then... there they were, on my head all along!!

The journey home, became very eventful when we reached Tring! People got off and another passenger told the driver a woman had pee'd on the seat across the aisle from her!!! OMG.... So he said ok, the bus will have to terminate here now! We all caused a riot... well nearly, and whoever he spoke to on the phone also told him to continue to Aylesbury, he taped across the seat with some ticket roll, and said if anyone sits on it, so be it!!! There was only one more person got on, the rest all off, bar 4 of us for the last stretch!

Crazy eh!!! Anyway, I got off that bus, crossed through the seating area and boarded the bus home... perfecto! Oh heck, everything disappeared then... what happened??? and don't do it again!!!

I will get around to the hospital visit, the day before I left for my holidays??? Oh I'll do it now, while I am on a roll, and fighting off the daddy long legs beasties.... horrid things, glad friends didn't come home a moment ago, I was screaming while I was hitting one, then screamed again, tearing up a news paper and picking the most horrible thing up, its legs still flapping about!!!!!
[oh, its in the bin by the way!]

So hospital, and the cardiologist... got to the appointment ok, just on the dot of nine, handed in my form, and went in quite quickly, didn't have my translator with me, but managed, just fine as it turned out, he prescribed me some more meds for my heart, and told me I had to see another cardiologist, to these strong meds 3x a day for a week, then one a day, but weekends off, woopie!!! He didn't tell me anything about them, their common effects, and other effects, one common one seems to be eye sight, its definitely worse over this past week, but hopefully after I stop taking them[?], it will improve again, well back to its normal thing!

ok, that really is enough now, all typed out..


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