Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beautiful sunny day today.. Blue sky and sunshine all the way... I arrived here, England! Yesterday, the flight was good, left on time and came in half hour early... Came through to baggage reclaim in an unusual place, just to confuse the heck out of all of us... we were like ants who had had their little mountain crushed and didn't know which way to turn!!

I 'met' a fellow traveller departure side at Malaga who had been in the line at check in, we found ourselves sitting together waiting for the gate to be announced, which it was, wonderfully, the screen even said how many minutes until the gate number would be coming up!

We walked together to the plane, and were seated in the same line, but four persons inbetween, on the coach from the aircraft to the terminal we ended up next to each other again... and stayed together chatting until the lady got her case and left! She has lived in Churriana for 18 years, makes me a bit of a newby at only nine years doesn't it!

As I was so early had to hang on a while for my friend, so got phone top up, and wandered outside to wait in the sunshine, was a bit breezy there but Luton airport is on top of a hill, and is always breezy!

Janette came on time, and we were off to Aylesbury, we went to a supermarket, Costa coffee cafe, and had a drink my favourite of creme brule latte! Perfecto! The Steph arrived, and we swapped my case from one car to the other of we went again, home, here... Had a lovely dinner, then relaxed, had a bit of trouble trying to connect to the internet, but seems a very generous person round about here has their connection open... so muchas gracias whoever....

This morning I woke up a bit early only 5:30am!! English time, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't really, I caught the bus into town, only a few minutes from here... and then I was back in Costas, in Aylesbury, updates from my Kindle, to fb and Twitter.... read for a little while, everyone up stairs in the cafe were either on their lap tops, net books, mobiles or reading, [normal] books! Felt a bit like a very relaxed office up there! Us all with our milky drinks and yummy cakes... Not me, no cake this time!

Then I went off for a look around some of the shops, bought a great little gadget, you pop your tablet in, and pop down the lid, the very nasty, very sharp blade inside, slices the tablet neatly in two pieces... so now I won't have to have 2 thirds of a tablets on time, and 1 third the next! Probably not what the doctor ordered!

I couldn't manage to take the meds I should have yesterday, some new ones that have to have at least 8 hours between the three doses a day, so only two yesterday, two so far today, and the third at 11pm!! Got a bit of a sore throat, not sure if from the plane, [had the blower on me the whole journey] something to do with these new meds... or I have caught a sore throat!!!!


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