Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday today! Time is speeding past, feels like I am on the highest point of a roller coaster, and the edge is dropping away from me... Glad the wheels are well oiled!

The house is packed now, completely, anything that's going in a box, is in one!  And tomorrow I will be bringing in all the outdoors stuff from the cave, the paintings up stairs, and the odd bits of small furniture which are the only things going.

Those boxes above are about two thirds of them!  I have packed nearly all my clothes;  I am afraid after spending over 2 months at my Mom's with only one small suitcase of clothes I am well practised with a small amount of clothes, well chosen!

Had a quick trip to the coast this morning for supplies for when Barry is over, and by 10:30am I was sitting at Bar Cruz with a mate having a coffee, her and I were boiling sitting in the wonderful sun shine... then back in the shade later, it was back on with the jacket and scarf! 

Back home, and finished all the packing, copied lots of things I think I might need copying before packing the printer too!

Also this afternoon I finished book number 9 for the Kindle, its being published as I write.  It was written in a few days, its been typed out by me, a read through, editing and publishing done [by me *smiles & bows*], and that's it! Done and dusted, and book number 10 next week!  Will be having letters from Amazon soon questioning the speed of  all these books!!! This new book is called Penny Crayon [the prequel], Peter Maddocks has written a lot of books that were published and put to film for children's television, and on Penny Crayon, but this book tells the beginning, of how she...began her drawings shall we say!

ok amigos, I'm done for today!

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