Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Franco has found us a new home!  Its unfurnished, but we will have lots of boxes! Thank goodness there is a cooker though, so at least we can eat!  I have checked it out on google map and the house looks lovely, the street really nice, views of the mountains! I have 'stood' in the street done a 360° turn, gone up the road, in five minutes your in the country until the next junction, then going the other way its a 20 minute walk into Neath town centre...

The house if off from the road, up some steps and Pippa will not be able to see anyone passing, or even the cars! 

At least all our things will be there, bits and bobs the week we arrive!

The kitchen light broke yesterday, well I broke it! Unintentionally I hasten to add, the bulbs had been flickering and I tried to take it out and broke the plastic hinge that was holding it in!  I thought, just buy a new tube and glue the thing in somehow, but a couple of people said the black powder over the inside of the light sounded a bit dodgy and that I really should get a new light fitting, so I phoned a friend, and he organised a mate of his to come and have a look, he was only half late, so not bad really, saw what was needed, went down the ferriteria and bought a new one!  Its so bright in the kitchen now, I fear the planes coming over to land in Malaga will mistake my light for the landing lights!!  Its so bright, the house is lighting up the whole town!! like Oxford Street during Christmas!


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