Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello folks...

Here I am at Papeleria Cristina!

Not so easy blogging in a busy place, next to other people, my flow... doesn't flow so easy!  Also my mobile isn't working now! Cannot make out going calls which could be a problem as I don't even have a  house phone now!  Still I can always scream can't I!!!

Have had several text messages this morning none of them that I can reply to in here, so sorry amigos! Hold that thought until I am outta here!

I must remember to make notes while I am blogging away from  home as it were, because sitting here now can think of nothing really...

The sun is shining, its cold in the shade but warm in the sun... the town is busy, sales sales sales!  There is nothing on the TV so I am reading, although yesterday I wore out my right hand on  my mouse!  Getting two more books Kindle ready, cutting pasting, rearranging, and doing all sorts, both will be ready to up load on Monday, although until Monday I cannot see if all the work I have done is even working, that's whats a little bit frustrating, and if I had a dongle, I think the downloads would be too heavy thereby using up in a matter of hours and not days!

Also, when I leave here, I keep thinking whatever I have looked at is actually on the computer at home?  I think that stems from all the days I used to carry my lap top to the wifi area, then leave open anything I wanted to work on, but of course, this isn't how it can work using a different computer is it! Bit weird how the mind works, or is it just me???

I can't believe it!  We already know one of our new neighbors!  Fantastic isn't it!  She is only a few houses along the street, a friend there already, that's great

Ok amigos, going now, done my time....
Will make notes for Monday over weekend...

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