Friday, January 27, 2012

Thunder, lightening and rain rain rain.... well I suppose it was bound to happen this month eventually!

Got four more books live on the Kindle this week, not bad going eh?!  One is a re do of How to Draw Cartoons, but the others are all new, check out the link over there on my PublishedByMe Blog.

Monday evening I went out with friends to say 'bye', I had been looking after their home here when they were away, so handed over the keys and had a great evening, wonderful food, down at a restaurant in town, great food, three courses, so my food baby was well in shape!!  We had a laugh, not late home, about 10:30pm.... Unlike last night, second night out this week, and not home until 11:30!  What a dirty stop out!  Went to another bar[!!] in town, not been in this one though, ever, 7 of us, a great laugh, and great tapas...

Rain was forecast for today, but usually it moves on to the next day, and then the next, then never even happens!  Hope Pip is ok in the house, with the thunder and lightening, will get home soon, bring down the persianas[blinds], up with the draw bridge and snuggle down for the evening, although I expect Pippa will keep her beady eyes on me, wondering if I am about to make a run for the front door again this week and leave her.... home alone....

Only a short Blog today, power might out, so will say adió amigos..

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