Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hello amigos...

I am doing something with my Blog, it involves going over a few years of it, therapeutic, sad, and very funny, especially where I have made the most amazing mistakes... like saying about never eating after September 29th! Didn't mention it was blackberries did I! Hope none of stopped eating after September 29th, especially as I didn't say when you could start eating again!!!

I even signed my name wrong in one place, changed my name altogether! What the heck was on my mind then, alot I know...

And the poems...

I am doing a Blog type book, type thing, I may, or may not put it on Kindle.  At the moment it is still only in its infancy, and still growing, its nearly at 100,000 words, boy do I write!! My goodness... this is only less than two years of writing, and I have been writing for about 7 years now, or more!  And these two years, I really didn't write as much as other years!

I also didn't really 'do' grammar did I, lets be honest, or spelling exactly! So its not just going to be a case of putting things together, its changing spelling, grammar, font size etc etc. 

Even if it never reaches anything else, its giving me something to do to keep my mind busy.  I am waiting for another book to be written for me to edit and publish on the kindle for Peter Maddocks, I said lets leave the next one till the new year.... well here it is, the new year! Where is the book please!!!!

We have just over 4 weeks to go now, its a very strange feeling, sort of like when I left England, but totally different also?  Confused? Well I certainly am!  Every-time I look out from our buena vista from the roof terrace I get a tearing feeling in my stomach, a wrenching squeezing thing going on, but, the house isn't sold yet, it is still our house... Its these mountains of Spain, the country...  Then, also, I am excited by a new chapter in my life, work again! Can't wait, seriously cannot wait to get back into the work place, I miss it.  Franco may have found a house for us, I checked it out on google maps yesterday, and it looks great, the house, the street, the countryside around it, the mountains too, that's the bit I want, need to see mountains! Maybe I was a mountain goat in an earlier life do you think! Don't answer that!

And so of course, being a woman, house = furnishings! Furniture, floors, materials, new this and new that!

But I am dreading these last few weeks, people are already stopping me in the street and asking when I am off!  "and see you before you go!" Like the date I arrived here, the date I leave will remain with me forever, mind you, I am funny like that!  I remember the date I very first came to Spain! 3rd of August 1988, till the 17th!

How many of you will follow me to Wales I wonder! Should I change my line? Diary Blog Spain and beyond? Strange about the beyond bit, when I wrote it I must have known I would leave...  Have I left a mark here in Spain, I hope so, I hope this whole time here wasn't for nothing, I did come here and find my love.... "I followed my heart, and it led me here to Spain"


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