Monday, March 26, 2012

 What beautiful weather we've had here in Wales this last few days, absolutely glorious!  Still have to laugh when they say warmer than Malaga!!! It hasn't been, it doesn't matter what 'they' say on the news, its just impossible, from dawn to dusk the heat builds and builds in Spain, and just gets hotter!

Anyway, we also had beautiful sunny warm weather, everyone was wearing short and t-shirts, summer dresses, men in sandals [with socks!!! have a word!], this was at the market in Resolven on Saturday morning, and after we left there we headed north and up to the town of Brecon and the Brecon
 Beacons... wonderful countryside, huge  mountains, green ones here, apart from the granite rock formation.

There are reservoirs too of course, not the same as the lakes at El Chorro, I know we shouldn't compare, they are equally as beautiful, just differently.  The tower here on the left is at one of the many reservoirs we passed..

We couldn't beleive the amount of people out and about too!  Hundreds of people, parked, walking with or without their dogs!  Every single lay-by was
full of cars and each one had a take-out van there!  Burgers, tea, coffee everything quick!!  Loads of bikes on the road too, still like Spain, a few crazy drivers about!!  And Franco seems to be stuck in the old kilometre driving state of mind, so we're doing 40 or 50 miles an hour, feeling like we're going too fast, we would be in Spain, 50 is about 80k an hour, and we wouldn't be doing that anywhere where we were in land,  except on the coast or toll roads;  so there we are pootling along at almost 50mph and its in a 60 zone, and people are coming up behind going 'what's occurring!'  And I'm going, 'come on Franco, we're going to slow, 
they'll think we're a couple of old biddies!!!

Still we got where we were going, and came back again!

Next door had a BBQ, and everyone had their washing out so we couldn't light our fire!

Yesterday we visited Franco's Mom, then visited a few shops in Swansea and home!  I made an apple strudel, I am suffering badly from  apple strudel deprivation!  It came out sort of okay, I went out into the garden and chatted to the neighbour just long enough to ruin the apple pieces, so it was a bit too wet and leaked out the ends, caramelised nicely though!  I am definitely going to make it again, but better of course!!

Yesterday we did manage to burn quite a load of garden waste and household paper rubbish, Franco cleared out the little back year area by the back door, it needed it! 

I am keeping an eye out for my bluebells to come out, I think I will just have to go and lay down amongst them and sleep.... the bluebells are surrounded by bracken at the moment, which will be fern soon enough!

We have another book published also, The Doorway, link on the other website, over there >>>>

Will put a link tomorrow on here, along with some dodgy photos of my failed apple strudel!

Have doctors this afternoon, a couple of hours time, to find out what they found in my blood test this time!  I am sure its only something to do with what's already there!


[just add tea to make human!]

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