Thursday, March 01, 2012

 Here, I am! Here I am! At Melincourt falls! Last Saturday, went to a market at Resolven!  We went a country route, well actually it really is all country, even saw eagles, one was over head here the other day, and we saw another two yesterday, so I am guessing their the ones that must have followed me over from Spain!!!  The Bonelli eagle it is!

I am still unpacking boxes would you believe, and still have about six not touched full of ornaments, and three full of memories, not sure what to do with them, school books belonging to the boys, drawings, even some clothes, those I definitely wont be getting rid of! Oh and loads of cards from all the years gone
 by.  I just need to go through them and try to thin them out, not likely to happen, so I will box them up, seal them down and put them away until forever happens.

We have had some lovely weather, blue sky and sunshine, we still have a solitary crocus in the garden, a little purple one!  The ones below were at a park we went to after the falls, I seem to be in search of the waterfalls that were on the TV.

I have also just uploaded book number 19 onto Kindle, another short story from Peter Maddocks, should be live in the morning or tomorrow sometime, will be
on my publishing link when its live.

Every time I go up into the garden I think I can see a little bit further, but to be honest it goes up so far there seems no end in sight!  I want to get on protected clothing, brambles warning on every tree! big boots and just hack my way through to the top or end or wherever it leads!!!

I am also every time I go up trying to weave twigs and branches into the plants on the edge of the garden, to stop Pippa getting through, Pippa will never get to be loose in the garden at this rate!  Next door neighbours were out having their dinner on their patio yesterday afternoon it was so warm!!!

Something not used to yet and that's the rubbish collection, every other week out goes the green wheelie bin and all the recycling stuff, all in separate bags, so that's about 3 or 4 depending on what you have, then a small green box for food stuffs and a large box things for tins and glass!! We got very used to having it all magically disappear over night six nights a week in Spain.

Everyone in all the shops and offices, anywhere we have had to go are so friendly, they can't do enough for you, opening a till if its busy, really wonderful, letting you pull out into traffic or waving a thank you, its blooming wonderful! 

So far I have lost our plastic Tesco card and an Iceland savers card thingy!  Well, they must be here somewhere, every time I put something else away from a box, everything get spread out all over the house and lost for a while! 

Tomorrow I have the doctors, signed up in the surgery already, but tomorrow is an appointment so he is aware of what drugs I am on, and what needs doing!

I know I have so much more to tell, but can't think just now?  I need to start making notes, its been such a long time since I Blogged and every day think I must remember....

Too much in my head I think, mostly two years since my Mom passed away on the 4th, can't believe its been two years... I really didn't think I would be here two years ago, here in Wales, and 18 months ago even here at all, I was in such a bad state, I know that now, I know probably everyone else maybe knew it, a little. But I was in such a bad place, now I dearly wish Mom had been here in Wales, where we are now, she has been to Barry Island, we went when the boys were little.  But never here.  Everywhere else I go, went, in Spain, back where I came from she had been also, and maybe it didn't help, but maybe it did.  Even now walking around, driving around, here in the house and garden I wish my Mom could see it, share it with me... at least know where I am.  I am glad I got to go to the ermita in Mijas Pueblo before I left, and light a candle for Mom...

Anyway, I am getting maudlin now, so will away!
I will make notes.


Carol O. said...

:-) Ah, there she is --good to see you back here, Marian, and settling in over there. "Boxed up until forever happens" -- I like that!

Marian said...

Thank you Carol... Also thinking, boxes that I can't empty as nowhere to put things, we might arrange into a piece of furniture, and hide under a throw!! xx

Carol O. said...

Perfect! lol