Sunday, March 18, 2012

 I put these photos in draft about two hours ago and forgot to do anything else!! Losing my mind?  Quite possibly!

Today is Mothers Day!  I got some lovely flowers... from Pippa!!!  Well, you know how it is! The photos here on the left as promised though, top one, the fire we started yesterday during half time rugby Wales V France, then I got carried away and started to make my through to the end of the, as yet, unseen garden of ours!
 Up those steps to the second tier of the garden, patios either side, and then I took this second photo... today!  All the rest were taken today actually!  The tin thing you can see is just a wire cage of some sorts!  There is so much junk up there!  Anyway, as yesterday, in I went, Bear Grills would be proud of me!

Then, the next few I took where the brambles end, now I have cut my way to there that is of course, today I also wore gloves so I could hold
 trees for stability and not run the risk of falling over, again!  This third pic I took looking back down my path, can you see the top patio?? Zoom in it is there!  Also now well above our houses from here...

This morning went to visit Franco's Mom, taking her some lovely flowers and card, had a cup of tea there and a chat, then we went to the Sunday boot sale market in Clydach, then to Matalan!!!  The weather was beautiful first thing, clouded over a bit, then in Matalan's it looked like it was having a hail storm out side, but by the time we came out, all gone, blue sky and sunshine back again, and we could see the sun was still shining on our patio later on as the sun was setting, we have the sun in our back garden from dawn to dusk, I guess thanks
 to the rise of the land...

Ok photo four, having turned from the above path and looking up again.... Look what we have here!  A beautiful bluebell wooded area!  All that green is bluebells, and I can't wait to see them, I will be up there everyday once those little beauties are out in bloom!

Also, can you see the wall right at the back?? That's where the garden

Photo five, turning again back towards our house, this is the view from up here... if I ever make it the next step up, of course I will, I will take a photo and am quite expecting to see Spain from there!!!

TTFN amigos

ps Happy Mothers day Mom... xx


Carol O. said...

A belated Happy Mother's Day to you!! Sorry --such a long and tiring week of a return to work also (while) daughter and children are moving out of here into their new place. I loved your photos the other day, too.
:-) Boy, you've got your work cut out for you up in the garden, huh?

Marian said...

Carol... Hi there, it'll be quiet with your family moving into their own place! I remember Mom saying she was glad I did just that after staying for a while with my boys, [5 years!!], but she missed me more than when I had left before!

Yes, the jungle! I think I will make a sign saying just that! 'It's a jungle out there!'

take care, relax..
love mxx