Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not sure why this photo today... came across it whilst uploading one for my other blog!

Which has then made me remember this one that I took, wish I could say I am just such a fantastic photographer that I got this on purpose, instead of my fluke! capturing a drip as it fell from the neighbours house!

Today cooked lunch for five, was good, I remember the days when I used to cook for seven regularly, had a bit of a mishap with the meatballs!  They were too, well, wet I think would be the word and wouldn't cook in one piece, I got into a temper[!] and just stirred them all together and made a pan of mince meat!!  So Franco had to pop out to a nearby store, just like the one back in Coín!  We had my Italian chicken and pasta too, and a tomato and mozzarella salad.  Very nice it was too, if I do say so myself!  Franco's Mom refused to sit down after lunch so she dried the dishes etc, I seemed to have used everything I had in the cupboards, although I wish I had had a bigger pot to cook the chicken in, was a tight fit and kept trying to escape the pan!  One of the five was a little'un, she is so cute, Franco's great niece, we had been a bit worried about how Pippa would be with her, not being used to small children who are nice to her, she was attacked and hassled by so many before, but she was fine, I taught the little'un to put her hand under Pippas head and not above which can make a dog wary.

I think I have finished sorting through as many of the boxes now that I can do, lots of paintings still wrapped up, they will stay that way for now, and the same goes with the boxes of ornaments.  At least they cannot be seen once we have a spare bed!

Book number 20 published today, brilliant! Looks great, and even as I typed it up I was surprised by each new page and couldn't wait to find out what happened next!  Voices By Peter Maddocks[see other blog for link!]

TTFN amigos


Carol O. said...

Ah, and I love the new-ish format of this blog -- it's beautiful!

Marian said...

Carol... Thank you! been playing about with it a bit, didn't realise I could do all this, amazing what one can do when one tries... so true of many things of course! Just try! must remember this mantra for other things! love mxx