Saturday, March 17, 2012

Well just before I switch this off today, having just spent well over an hour on an online job application form, which included a 45 minute no going back/forward questionnaire...  At least it answers lots of questions for the prospective company saves them time, and the person looking for work too of course.  Hope I did good!

This afternoon during the rugby... not intentionally, Franco had gone up to start burning some of the undergrowth we had already cleared during half time... Pip was tied to the washing line, sounds worse than it is ok!  She has a complete run of the garden with her lead hook running free on the line, and she loves it!

I went up, secateurs in one hand and a bit of a tree in the other... and went in!  I started at the top patio and cut my way through the brambles, incredible things, I know I keep going on about them but they are wicked, they are alive, in more ways than one, the more I cut, the more they seemed to spring back at me, catching me on the face, hands, arms legs, tripping me up under foot!  I had to cut them back, then down nearer the roots, I broke off dead branches and moved stuff... stuff included old tin cans, wire baskets, tin tubs, then stuff I couldn't move, concrete, lots of broken glass metal spring thing that is covered with plants and seems to have become part of the ground now, there are old toys, a cage of some sort, a huge piece of corrugated metal... I had to bend low and cut my way through! And I did, I fell a couple of times, and stupidly used my hands to save myself, but luckily missed any broken glass or wire 'thing' whose spikes were uppermost!  I made a little path up and up and couldn't see our patio any more, could see the smoke from the fire, the M4 and the sea!  I could hear the cheers and car horns blaring.... so knew Wales had won the Rugby! Still I went on, up and up... and then I reached a bank that was quite high and worried I wouldn't be able to come back down it, so dug it out a bit and made a step, sort of... cut back the final bits of bramble in front of me, still fighting their cause of ownership of my garden...they lost!  And I came out onto a green area, and the huge tree we can see from house was nearer, not close, just nearer and the whole of the floor area around the tree, no brambles here, but bluebells are going to come up there!!!!  all the green stems are there!  Can't believe it, my very own bluebell wood!

Ok, Ok, not the wood above, the photo I took in Ashridge a few years ago, but can't wait to see what our little wood will look like, oh and beyond the tree another few yards... or more? Is a beautiful old stone wall!

Photos tomorrow.

Went to a car boot sale this morning in Resolven, in a huge warehouse, its one we went to a few weeks back, can't remember if I mentioned that during the week its a reclamation place, its so sad inside, the walls are lined with doors, fireplaces, stair rails etc, then at either end there at pews, fonts, organs, pulpits, everything wooden you find in a church is there.  There are huge meeting tables, not like ours outside bar cruz forsure, 20 30 foot long, old desks etc... Amazing place, and on a Saturday the interior, surrounded by these amazing objects is a boot sale!

We bought some beautiful flowers for Franco's Mom, and I got some too... some amazing purple tulips, they were 3 bunches in one package, amazing color...

Tony's Mom's day card arrived the other day and Barry's was on the mat when we got home today... I am addressed as 'The Mom'... arh.. that's my boy!

I am ending on a sad note, started the day in tears and will no doubt end the same.. 2 years ago today was Mom's cremation, so much of that day was a blur, and yet now, 2 years later it seems clearer to me now.  Every moment... Then last year Auntie Linda died on this day, St Patrick's day, I'd had a day to remember, for happy reasons, then came home and a call from my cousin and bam!

My Mom would have been proud of me in the garden today, cross I didn't have gloves on, crosser when I would have told her how many thorns I have in my hands and legs, and that the secateurs gave me the biggest blister between my thumb and finger I have ever had in my life!  Then laughed that the only band aid I have is a Mr Men's one, small and meant for a child no doubt!


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