Tuesday, March 06, 2012

 First most recently published book by Peter Maddocks there on the left, available at Amazon.com

Another book on its way now...

I have been letting my friends and followers down mightily recently with my Blog haven't I?  And we have the internet now since the 1st so no excuse really, what have I been doing??? Well still going through boxes, here and there, really just don't have anywhere for most of the things, no bookcases, no where for the ornaments... Only one wardrobe!!! Yes really, how I am supposed to hang all my clothes I really
 cant say!!!

Walking Pippa, every morning, and in the afternoons just up in the garden, we look a bit silly I guess, me and Pip, in a garden her with the lead on, but there is no barriers between us and the neighbours and as yet, still not up dated her micro chip, or the number on her collar!  Doing things slowly, down the Job centre, looking for work, and the doctors, again today for another ECG, bit odd, she had to do it twice, and then
took the results to a doctor, interrupting him with another patient, she came back and questioned me on how I was feeling, any symptoms I might have, that I shouldn't wait until I see the hospital cardiologist and if I need to see them I know where they are now and to call any time and come straight in!  So very thorough? Or what???

Back again a week on Friday to have my blood test done!

Both photos on the left here taken at Melincourt falls the other weekend, this Sunday past we went to the huge car boot sale again, its held in 3 massive warehouses, so roof and sides and still cold underfoot but dry and wind free! 

Also on the look out for a spare bed for guests, and also to hide all the spare paintings we will have no room to hang!  All the ornaments are in boxes squirrelled away out of sight! Tony has more paintings to hide away too!!! And another 18 boxes.... oh my oh my!

Can't wait to see my coffee table again either from Tonys... I need all my things together...

I did have a very bad day on Sunday, tried hard to hold it all together all day, we were out and about a bit, visited Franco's Mom for a couple of hours, then the car boot, but everytime I stopped to think, which being me, was quite a lot, I couldn't hack it... I just can't get it into my head Mom has been gone for two years. Two years?? Impossible.

I wish she hadn't.

We changed updated the address on the car insurance, and now its not under Swansea the cost has come down, also its going to be much cheaper to have the policy in my name with Franco as the second driver, I have been away for less time, and have full no claims, which really Franco did too, but as the insurance was in my name in Spain, even though it was the car that was insured, it can only be me with the no claims, anyway, its dropped in price by over 700 pounds for this year, which is fantastic!  We can pay something else now instead!!! Handy!

I am checking on line for jobs every day, and have an interview with someone next week about exactly what type of work I want, and I must apply for work I find online, in papers etc, and let them know every two weeks what I have found and what I have done about it.

I have been downloading free kindle books like a mad crazy person!  The web site pizelofink.com is amazing, you can grab books for free, for only a short time each day, there are enough books on this kindle here to last 2 years, if I read one book a month, I'm such a slow reader, but just using that as an average if you know what I mean!

We had a leaky radiator fixed this week by the landlord, big puddle of soggy carpet on the floor!  And he says we can get a heater for the bathroom, we do have a rad in there, and its not that small but the bathroom is flipping freezing!!!!  And I think a nice halogen bathroom fire like the other we have/had, would be great, it comes on fast and heats up fantastically! But basically this house is quite warm elsewhere, even warmer than the house in Spain this time of year.  But not as hot in the summer, I know I know, but this knowledge is good, too hot in summer is no good for me any more.

When I walk Pip up the top here, I can see the mountains, the sea, the valleys, fields and forests... beautiful green, trees coming into bud and spring flowers coming up already, the dark grey of the slate that lines the houses, and helped build the walls layer on layer... but then I look and only see my Guadalorce valley, my Spain, my mountains, my little house, my...

We have some boxes in the room just now, Pip is looking worriedly at them, we wonder if she is thinking... oh no! here we go again, I wonder if she knows this is where we now live?  We were at the cave house for two weeks and she settled in there well, just as she has here, but I wonder if she realises this is it!  We say Oki's name now and then and she tilts her head recognised the neighbours dogs name... she hasn't forgotten, yet...

I read this today. I love it.

"Each friend represents a world within us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." ~ Anais Nin

Its late now, time to fly....


Carol O. said...

Ah, a bittersweet month for you, Marian (you're in our prayers), yet exciting, too. I hope the Welsh springtime will be almost too wonderful for words, but not entirely, because it is always so nice to see things through your eyes! Give Pippa a hug from us all (and a hug to you, too!)

Marian said...

Carol... thank you from me, and Pippa! she has had the hug! She appreciated it, the little diva that she is! [my fault I know!].

It is a strange time, I feel confused most of it, and with a spilt personality!

Just more crazy than usual I guess!
take care, love mxx