Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Alhaurín El Grande Feria 2016

Well today is getting busy about town!  The 2016 Alhaurín El Grande Feria is about to start...

Calle's Nueva and San Sebastián are colored purple white and green, stunning and shady, the plazas empty for now, but not later!!

On our way back from our walk, Pippa and I spotted the moon hovering over the terrace....

And below is part of the park we walked.... beautiful, and no dogs off leads... or otherwise!  So it was a good walk, I get so stressed when we're out and there's some massive dog running about off the lead!  Pippa senses my fear and we have to turn tale and go another way!

Down at Bar Rosa this morning, Bar Cruz was too packed to perch at!  So we had churros and café at Bar Rosa, one of the girls who used to work there ten years ago is back, so that was really great!  The town was full of people and cars and its great to see it so bustling and full of life... We have one thing to do today later, then at 19.30 we will be where the action is! Note to self, charge my camera battery now!!!


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