Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Whoa... two blogs in one day! Hold the horses! and check your pockets!  Above a small weed growing through the path above... and below a misty photograph... due to taken through glass this morning, catching the dew on the grass...

I did get a better shot of this but, as usual, elusive to me now! and the head line should ready... Stop looking! I've worked it out!  Several Blogs back and a couple of months too probably!  I posted a shot or maybe more of this strange image below!  I could not fathom it at all, and in past shots it looked to be a strange flower in this pine tree... and maybe something stuck to the top, blooms perhaps, or a plastic carrier bag!

And then suddenly, the other photograph being much clearer [when I find it again!]... it also became very clear to me exactly what it is!  It's a bough of the tree peeled away from the branch and still hanging on for dear life...

So clear now to see!

Also remembered another thing from before I had forgotten!  Not sure how much beer I will drink again, without checking it does not contain isinglass first!  Who, after all wants to drink the dried bladders of fish! It must be the little amount of beer I drink though too, because I will not be stopping from eating marshmallows full of gelatin [animal bones], any time soon!


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