Saturday, May 07, 2016

Couldn't be stranger couple of photographs here... the woodpecker below... flying away from the bird feeder towards the window and up and away from under the veranda... and above the stairs, they can be seen from the high street in Builth Wells, a nearby town to where I am working at the moment...

Lynne, who had come to pick me up and go for walk about and coffee... we both wanted to climb those steps, see where they went!  We went for coffee in a coffee shop, it was 3pm and the owner came out to where we were sat in a lovely little patio area, surrounded by plants and flowers, really lovely... anyway! She came out and told us we had to go!  She shut at 2:30pm and it was 3pm and she had cashed up and closed all the rest of the restaurant up!  What sort of Tea Room.... shuts at 2:30!! The very word TEA seems to suggest its an afternoon place!! Crazy!!

Today had been a bit gloomy, but the sun is showing now a little and the sounds of the little lambs next door bleating away is lovely! It says its going to be warmer here than in Spain over the next few days! Really??? Get a grip on reality, it just isn't!


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