Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Some photographs today!  This Chromebook is great, but the trouble I seem to have shifting things over so I can actually find them where I want them to be to get on my Blog is crazy! Hmmmmm!

Some more of the beautiful blue bells growing randomly in the garden here...

And I seem to take photographs of the glasses all the time, from different angles with or without the sunshine causing natural effects!

This visit here I suddenly thought to clean out and keep refreshed the little bird bath out by the feeders, so now they come for food and a bath!  Just need to build them some nests and we can put up a BB&B sign!

I never seem to be quite quick enough to get a really good shot of the woodpecker, he lands, tilts his head this way and that, looking into the cage as if to say, how can I get those blooming things!  Although I keep telling him from inside the house... "go to the feeder in the middle!  Its not squirrel protected, or woodpecker!!"

And my little favourite blue-tit with one leg... He can only eat from the easy feeder, and flies off to the caged ones to clear out of the way whenever another bird comes along, then back to the easy one, I feel so sorry for him, but he is brave, and non the worse, adapted using his strengths, and I would miss him if he failed to turn up... Bit like the previously [in other Blogs] mentioned pheasant, he seems to be gone for good, and maybe not for the better...

I remembered a couple of things from yesterday, eventually!  One, the day before yesterday when I started cooking lunch at 11:30, by 13:00 I had cooked three meals... As in lunch for then, stuffed peppers, Mexican style; salmon for the evening meal; and roasted chicken for making Coronation chicken, and it was all done by one!  Felt like I was on an episode of Master chef!!

Rainbow tinted sky the other day... More photographs soon!


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