Sunday, May 22, 2016

In Search of.... Barranco Blanco water fall!

So today in search of the elusive Barranco Blanco waterfall... We have searched for it a few times now, we tried both options roadwise off the main drag... The first brought us almost there.. 

And the second near but not close enough!  Both now seen from the comfort of my lap top and not mobile phone, so now I can see exactly where we went wrong!

But still three photographs otherwise would have been left un taken, so always a plus somewhere in the searching!

Some very beautiful properties down in the hidden valley, although not somewhere I would want to be if unable to drive or walk or want to go for a wander of an evening!! Absolutely fabtastic though, idyllic, stunning... Maybe somewhere I could build my 'cabin by the lake'... very private!

Its been a very busy week, I got home on Sunday evening and Franco's son arrived Tuesday mid day, we met with friends in Malaga airport arrivals first and had a couple of coffees with them... Then the grand tour started on Wednesday!  Malaga by train from Cartáma Estacion, Thursday Plaza de Naranja in Marbella followed by lunch in Puerta Banus and a wander around the million euro yachts rental Lamborghini's and posh shops!  Friday and down to Calahonda, Fuengirola and the tapas bar near Mijas pueblo before home... Saturday and we were down to Benalmadina, and Plaza Mayor in Malaga by way of Torremolinos!  Today, Sunday as you know already, mystery tour of the Barranco Blanco and Casa de Flores for coffee and chips!

Its been coffees teas and random food all over the place!

Franco and I are exhausted!  Tour guide can be hard going when you've been at work for a month with no real break, and especially no exercise!  I don't think I walk a mile a week, maybe I should just randomly run up and down the stairs every half hour or something at work, just to get some exercise in?  And Franco has been struggling with a stomach thing we're not sure of, blood tests taken last week and results a week tomorrow, wish we could find out sooner, its our town feria coming up on Wednesday through to Sunday, so the banks and doctors have restricted hours!


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