Friday, October 06, 2006


figs... my very favorite fuit, i love them, they are so.... just so good, the whole eating experience of eating figs!

about two months ago! the figs were full on a local tree that pippa and i passed each morning, and day by day were left un loved to just fall, in the orchard the tree stands and the path over the road, and every day pippa and i had to negociate round the squished fruit, messing yes and so smelly! i love the smell normally of course, but every day the smell of the poor wasted fruit on the ground got worse and worse, so rotten... then i was working and we had our shortened walk and it was only on saturdays we passed by, by then having to walk on the road itself to avoid the mess and posibility of slipping over, well me, that is!

now all thats left are the dried skins and no smell, but i cant get over the waste! not one was picked, i dont know who the land owner is/was, but such waste of such wonderful fruit...

thank goodness i got round to telling this, every morning i thought to mention it... then gone from my mind!

i am making use of the google 'things to do list' option so now, every time i open the home page there is my list!

today i walked into town, bought some calenders! some, i got 5 of our town, the first calender our town has had, it came out yesterday and i told friends about it during coffee, he went over to get one and there was only one left, i think they had 100 delievered!

i am making stuffed peppers tonight, mince and pasta, should be rice but franco's not a rice man, so i have used the really teeny tiny pasta stars, will be just as nice stuffed into those red peppers!

did i tell you one of my friends was in hospital when i was in england with cellulitus, think thats the spelling, horrible thing ... its a streptococcal bacteria of the skin, he was in for 10 days, i had never heard of it before.

and some fantastic news, moms high blood pressure she had had for years.... has gone! its normal, brilliant news, and i hope thats how it stays!

A responsible warrior is not someone
who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders,
but someone who has learned to deal with
the challenges of the moment.


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forget me not said...

Oh, I adore figs too! This year wasn't a good year for figs, I think our rainy August was the cause of it. Maybe it's better that way...figs have tons of calories!