Wednesday, October 18, 2006


oh so tired today, couldnt sleep last night either, monday night had trouble sleeping after two days in bed doing not much else but the nightmare sleep that comes with one of my migraines, but usually ok after first night, guess its cos my honey is still away.... home manaña! yeha! cant wait!.... but last night heard the clock click over on the two! pippa was restless too! tablets not kicked in yet!

went to town this morning, few bits in mercadona and home again, and just bits around the house, i wanted to nap today specially by afternoon but have managed not to, just so i am really tired when i go to bed, movie on tv i want to watch with tom cruise, the last samurai, starts at 10pm so will be later finishing... please let me sleep, i have never been one for insomnia, i can sleep any time of day, probably any place! so when my head hits the pillow i'm off, so this is a habit i dont want to get into, i do stay in bed and just try to relax, i have heard its worse if you get up, because then 'aparently' the body will wake up and want to get up at that time the next night, but i suppose different things work for different people... different strokes for different folks!

we had rain today oh my goodness! well sunshine and showers, it didnt stay wet on the ground for longer than half hour each time, but everytime it rained the power went off! so i switched on the computer and un plugged it, the way its connected it comes on whenever the power comes on, and i dont think it does it much good without closing it down properly, feel like i have said this before... sorry!

i have checked the coach i am taking up to benidorm at the weekend, there are a few more people booked on it now, which is good, i didnt fancy the idea of me and a driver for over hours!!! but there is 10 now up, and 6 down, so far! i haved 3 books, two fiction one on spanish verbs! a magazine ok to read, and i think i`ll get a puzzle book or something like that too, i know there will be lots of scenery but if i spend all that time looking right, thats the only direction i will be looking for the rest of the week!

ok... oh the photo... taken when franco and i were down in jerez a couple of years ago now nearly i guess, and the factory of domecq, i guess a place where most of us have sampled their product, its ok you dont have to own up to liking sherry, but actually its quite nice in small doses... purely madicinal... is that what 'they' say?

The warrior of light perseveres in his desire,
but knows he must wait for the best moment...


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