Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Last Samurai

well folks i staying up to 10 was ok, bit tired but ok... the movie is fantastic, cant beleive i hadnt seen it yet, if its on ITV must have been out for some time eh! had the half hour break for the news, thanks for that! not! and it restarted at 1230am! hanging in there, really enjoying the movie... it started to rain, heavily about 10 past one, the signal kept breaking down and after a moment i switched on the video... what we do when we get no signal at all to help get it back, i know sounds silly but seems to work, all the coax (coaxial cable) anyway, so i digress, as usual, so the picture get better, then 1.15, only quarter hour to go and bam! power cut! oh woopie do!

fan dabie dozie... hip hip hooray! i dont know all the cheers and things you can think of!

so to bed... still awake at 2am, but of course only just in bed!

so the ending.... was it the love story one?... he goes back to the hill side village, the woman and her children waiting open armed for him and there he remains, the last samurai?

or the one that makes you remember the movie all the more.... he goes back to the hill side village, the white blossom fallen from the trees, the remaining villagers, those too old or young to fight the last fight.... slain where they stood, the woman and her children dead, still with the look of hope in their eyes.... camera to sunset, blossom like pink mist on the ground.... and cruise, the last samauri.... camera fade, the end, el fin, credits roll....?

well? no dont tell me, thank you, i will watch it again, one day....

i am watching the flight arrivals already.... my honey coming home!

by the way, power came on and off all night, so we dont have any signal yet!

Wagers and pacts are made with angels - or with devils!



Honora said...

Nooo, I'm pretty sure the last samurai says, "Shoot, I'm moving to Spain. I want to see Marian and her honey, and Pippa and the mercadona man - that girl is something else!"


forget me not said...

Marian you should take a picture of that mercadona man. You won't believe this but yesterday while I was in the hospital, daydreaming about my blogger friends, I remembered honora's comment about him...some kind of gnarly, burly man??

Honora said...

ROFL, yes, and hairy, with a deep booming voice, I hope.

Marian said...

when he delivers, the mercadona man, i grin and think of your thoughts of him! i will have to ask for a photo for my friends and put him on here to show you! but then maybe better we leave him to the imagination... much more fun!